Tattoos can be tempting but not if Tattoo Removed. Just one inking and you’ll have people going all Ga Ga over you, your fashion quotient will be up by notches and you will have the body that stands out among the rest. On the emotional side, a tattoo means a permanent inscription of something that might mean the world to you.  

We get you, you probably had these thoughts in mind too while going for it. But time has passed and tastes have changed. You are a completely different person now and you realize you do not like the tattoo anymore. If getting the tattoo removed is your conclusion, there are high chances that you will end up among the rumors having a tough time, if not taking the wrong decision for yourself. Well, you’re at the right place! 

Things To Know Before Getting Tattoo Removed

Here are 10 genuine things about tattoo removal that you should know before deciding on it.  

1. You should consider a doctor to get it removed

You must have come across stories of people trying to get tattoos removed from a local spa or tattoo parlor and they ending up getting the skin burned. Let me inform you, these aren’t mere stories but a fact. So, always consult a doctor and get your tattoo removed in the safest and most reliable way. 

2. It generally takes a lot of time

It’s not possible to get rid of a tattoo by just one visit. It may take anything from a few months to a year to get rid of it.  Each time the tattoo gets lasered the particles are broken down and digested by the body’s immune system after which it regenerates. This cycle continues and of course, the time period varies according to your tattoo size, color and your skin type. 

3. Keep the money ready

If you get the ink removed by any doctor it will cost you thousands of rupees for each visit and  if you have a big tattoo, you have to visit accordingly. No matter who says what, it is something which costs a lot but is worth it after all. 

4. All inks can be removed

If you have been planning to get the ink removed from your skin, you must have heard stories that light colored ink is hard to remove. Do not believe in them as modern technology has brought it’s solution too. Nowadays with picosure technology, even the lightest of colors can be removed easily. 

5. You will again have to face needles

Before going to a doctor prepare yourself mentally to face needles. Tattoo removal isn’t just easy laser work, it takes a lot of time and has a number of procedures. It starts with a photo and ends in bandages, the intermediate steps being cleaning, injecting (the most painful), lasering and icing. 

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6. The pain doesn’t leave easily  

Unfortunately,  the pain won’t leave you even after you leave the place. The discomfort can last up to a week. You will need to keep the place bandaged for a few days, then the peel off process starts. However, most of the treatments need minimal after care!

7. You will need special clothes

Right after the removal, you will need to give the area some space and the fabrics will irritate them. To save yourself from some hurting and itching, get some clothes that do not have fabrics at the specific area or cut out the fabrics from some of your existing clothes. Also, to help the discomfort, you can also apply antibiotics but do so only after consulting your doctor. 

8. Lightning the ink can also work sometimes

If you feel it is costing way too much or you can not take the pain or don’t wish to take the tattoo off totally, you can just lighten the ink and get some cover ups done! It may be a smart choice as it doesn’t involve as much money or effort. 

Getting Tattoo Removed
Getting Tattoo Removed

9. White patches or scars might be left on the skin

If you do not want to have any signs of the tattoo on yourself, things mightn’t end up the way you wish to. White patches or scars might be left on the skin as a result of the procedure. However, it’s not very common and you probably shouldn’t worry about it if you’re getting it done from a well experienced professional. 

10. And the white patches and scars can be removed

Even if you get the white patches or scars, there is another laser that can fix them but that is a different medication process which isn’t included in this tattoo removal course. 

So consider these facts before visiting a tattoo parlor or a doctor to get your ink removed. 

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