So you get home from work, and are just ready to cook yourself a nice meal and put on some music, when…ouch! You’re developing a nasty headache. Now your plans for the evening are all spoiled. Relax, sit down for a bit, and try some natural homemade remedies to get rid of a headache.

Why don’t I just take a Painkiller?

You can take a painkiller once in a while,  but you shouldn’t grow too reliant on them. It might be that you’ve been caught on a bad day and you don’t have any painkillers at home, or that your headache isn’t strong enough to warrant a painkiller, but is still annoying. Lucky for you, there are other options out there for a headache remedy.

So How Do You Get Rid of A Headache?

There are several natural homemade remedies that you can use to get rid of a headache. Yes, sometimes you have to be patient and it’s not always instant, but you can easily whip up something based on stuff you might have lying around at home, or you can just do something that might make your headache fade away. You’ll be feeling good as new in no time at all! So what are some tips that will help you get rid of a headache?

  • Try using a cold compress. Simple, but effective. Get some ice cubes out of the fridge and wrap them in a towel, then apply it to your forehead for about fifteen minutes. Then take a fifteen minute break, and reapply it. You can also try a cold shower. Although, it might be better to try a hot compress if you’ve got a sinus headache.
  • Try brewing a cup of ginger tea with fresh ginger. It has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances. It will give you some pain relief and make you feel soothed and calm. Also, it’s delicious! You can also try other calming teas like peppermint and lavender.
Get Rid of A Headache
Get Rid of A Headache
  • You can also try caffeine for pain relief. Brew yourself a nice hot cup of coffee as a headache remedy. A lot of medicines for headaches actually contain caffeine as a substance, so it might help to lessen the pain.
  • Although this might not get rid of your headache entirely, try drinking some water as well. Dehydration can cause many headaches.
  • Also, you should try inhaling some essential oils. You can even try applying them to your forehead, specifically peppermint and lavender oil. Also, you’ll feel really at ease because of the scent.

What else can you do? 

If none of these are working and you still need a headache remedy, you can consider a yoga session or about of light exercise. This will help you feel less stressed (a lot of headaches are caused by stress) and also might help with pain relief. Try avoiding very strong smells; this is not the time to get out your cleaning products and do a spring clean of the bathroom or spray your heaviest perfume around the room.
Don’t eat foods that contain nitrates or nitrites, like sausages and bacon, because they might trigger blood vessel expansion. You should also avoid foods that are high in histamine, including beer and wine! So instead of relaxing with a glass of wine just try to relax with a cup of tea. Also, this goes without saying but stay away from bright lights and screens.
If your headache isn’t going away, just call it a night. Sleep might help get rid of it. A large number of headaches are caused due to sleep deprivation. If you’re not getting enough sleep, that can definitely explain why you’re getting stress headaches. 

Get Rid of A Headache
Get Rid of A Headache


If headaches are a recurring problem for you, you might have to see a doctor. It could be a serious medical issue, or a food-related one, where you might have to consider cutting some stuff out of your diet to see what food is causing the issue.
Or maybe you have to go in for some kind of long-term treatment. However, a light headache here and there is really nothing to worry about. Everyone gets them and everyone hates them, especially when they come at crucial times, like when you’re studying or when you have some work to do.
But the best thing to do is to not pressure yourself. Accept that your body is telling you it needs some time off, take a break, and chill. It’ll be gone in no time!

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