Zillion Squats Still Butt Remained The Same?

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Squatting regularly but not getting the desired results? 

Ever thought that your training mistakes could be one fine reason behind it??

Think! If you are working that hard and still not seeing any glute gains then you are for sure at the end of a lot of loss. According to Grayson Wickham, Founder, Movement Vault “You can’t select one single body part and keep ongoing training, it hard. Squats cannot be expected alone to work and result on your glutes. Squats also affect your quads, hamstrings and hip & back flexers. “

So, if you are wanting to focus on glutes, be ready to welcome more muscular addition to other parts of your body figure too. Also, it is imperative to keep in mind that muscle building is slow, and steady process. So expecting it to be gained all of a sudden and getting demoralized after that is no perfect solution. According to Wickham-“Genes have a principle role to play in the shape, and structure of your body. But of course that doesn’t mean you can’t, after all genes have alterations too. “

So here are some of the common mistakes you wish you were told before! 

You have a C form:

Bad form may be one fine reason why you are not getting the desired results. Squats are considered to be one of the best exercises which has a plethora of beneficial results. But you get these results only when you do them in the prescribed format. What wrong most of us commit, is that we begin squatting by making our knees bent. While what is needed is to hinge the hips towards backside. For instance, we can take an example of a chair. In order to get seated on to it, we don’t bend our knees first rather we first push our hips behind to fit in the chair. It should be exactly like that when we talk of squats. For those who bend the knees first, you not just lower your chances of getting the results, but also add up to your chances of getting injured. Having a trainer record your movements would be the best way to check it up. 

Issue with glute muscles:

There is this dead butt syndrome most if us are unaware of. No, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that you have dead glutes. Because if such was the case, then standing up on your own legs would have been a mere dream to you. But one possibility is definitely there that your glutes aren’t active to their utmost potential.The reason for this can be many and sedentary lifestyle being the most dominant one among them. When we sit, our glutes are at a pure rest mode. It is directly proportional to sitting. The more you are at a sitting position, the less activated your glutes are. This makes it impossible for your butt to engage the glutes actively while you workout. To combat this, you can try some glutes activation exercises. You can treat it as a warm up sets for squats. 

Maybe you are not going too heavy:

Most of us lag behind just with the thought, that we women are biologically less capable. But this is not the case. We can lift much more than we have been made to believe we can. Whenever you see yourself falling short, then double the weight you lift, it not just adds up to your strength but also helps in growth stimulation. For instance, you can go ahead with 4 sets of 10 reps.You can wait definitely for 3 minutes rest in between the two sessions. You should go heavy to the extent where you are not in the condition to do the next one. 

Tempo variations:

Most of us are used to doing the simple one. Down up with every single rep. But by varying your tempo and speed, you can do amazing things. Whenever we do squats, there are three phases to it. One being the eccentric which is also known as the downward motion. The other one is the isometric one which is the pausal motion while at the bottom. And the third one is the concentric one that is the motion upwards. When we talk of tempo training, we mean to increase the time duration of each of these phases for exclusive results. The eccentric phase is responsible for micro breakdown of the muscle tissues. It happens because the muscle tension is at maximum level. So, when it will regrow it will be thick as well as bigger than the previous. 


Lack of depth? One possible reason for not getting the desired results can be that you are keeping your hips parallel or just below in line with your knees. Thou most people do not even come to terms with this range too. Doing it more in depth can help you a lot.. As in order to get the proper results, you need to take your muscles on a complete ride at their level. For those who are not able to do it to this extent, there are mainly two reasons, one that your hip mobility is not up to the mark. And the other is that you place your feet too narrow. To rectify it up, keep your feet poles apart that is shoulder distance apart from each other. It should be such that they seem angularly placed. Now push back your hips, and go down till you can. If still there occurs a problem, then you need to work on your mobility fixation. It can be corrected by adding up mobility drills in your daily schedule of exercise. Keeping form and motion both in mind is imperative. If your form goes wrong while the mobility is full, then, there’s no use of it. So, keep a check on the form. 

These are some of the checkpoints you need to lay emphasis on in order to get that amazing butt! Keep a note of all of it lest all your squatting hard work goes in vain

Stay tuned! 

Stay healthy 😌

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