Being a woman, wearing a bra is a compulsory part of our daily morning routines. I know, it has been like this for as long as you remember, the ‘same old thing’, right? But.. Did you know that even the way you wear your bra can reveal a lot about your personality! According to body language and human behavior expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language and Charisma, Patti Wood, the personalities of women can broadly be divided into 4 categories and each will have different ways and traits! And.. you can find out about your personality with the way you wear your bra! 

Personality Check On How You Snap The Clasp

Well, curious about yourself? Let’s see what’s there in store for you! 

Note: Patti’s survey and research are based around American psychologist William Moulton Marston’s DISC theory, which focuses on four different behavioral traits: dominance, inducement, submission, and compliance. 

1. If you wear a bra with a back-clasp and clasp it in the back

You are a Supporter!! You are true to your traditions and like to follow what you have always been taught. Wood explains that if you are a supporter, you will think carefully before every action, and thus this method of wearing the bra- you have followed what your mom or girlfriends had taught back then and made it your preference, not introducing a change. Think for a while, isn’t it like this for most of your other things too? The answer will be a yes! The only drawback you may have is adapting to changes. Supporters often have a tough time accepting changes even when they are necessary. The best side? Supporters are said to be friendly, thoughtful, and great listeners! 

Snap The Clasp
Snap The Clasp

2. If you wear a bra with a back-clasp but clasp it at the front and then twist it to the back

You are an Influencer! Yes, your personality is as interesting as it sounds! You always like to look your best(which is usually perfect!). So, why did you choose this method of snapping the clasp? Just to make sure that the fit is perfect, you aren’t someone to take chances! You are very careful with the way you present yourself and love to be noticed, appreciated, and loved by everyone. When it comes to bras, you are attracted to bright colors, patterns, and details. A little more? 

You will find yourself attracted to people with a good sense of humor and you are a seeker of new challenges. You adapt to changes easily and are always enthusiastic about new things. However, you also get bored pretty easily. You usually steer clear of things that need detailed attention or involve multiple steps.  Hello, trendsetter!

3. If you use a bra with the clasp at the front

“Time is money”; “Time is precious” are the basics of your life- Hey there, Driver! The reason why you chose this method is your straightforward character, after all, who will make so much effort and clasp at the back with this front clasping option available, right? You are efficient and hard-working but can also be commanding and forceful at times. Inept and disorganized people are the farthest ones in your circle as they are your complete opposites. 

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You love to take charge and can be the perfect boss. When bras are concerned, you only believe in investing at the best and you’ll often be seen with premium brands. Your best side? You take smart and well-researched decisions which makes you reliable! 

Personality Check
Personality Check

4. If you fasten the hooks once and then slide it over your head every day

You need to have everything correct from the very beginning- You are a Careful Corrector! The way you snap the clasp is just a verification of your careful nature. You will fix the hooks completely in place, only once but perfectly, and then slide it over your head every day, you figure out the method that needs the least effort! You are always cautious and analyze things well. When it comes to bra shopping, you will usually prefer going solo, with all the accurate measurements and expert advice in your head. 

Sports bras will likely be your favorite! Careful correctors are usually very deep, rational and only believe in things that have statistical evidence or a convincing explanation to them!

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