A simple question to all the ladies out there! Do you know how society is going to judge your mothering schtick? No, it isn’t from how healthy or happy your baby is going to be? You will be shocked to know that the judgment is shot out even before your baby’s feet will touch the ground. Yes, dear, it is all in the method you will give birth to your little one. In our country, the mothers who have cesarean are normally frowned upon, as they miss out on the opportunity, experience as well as happiness of giving birth. Well, what people need to understand is that not all mothers run away from the joy & blessing and not every mother has a scheduled cesarean surgery. 

Nearly all the mothers' experience just a single contraction or sometimes zero contraction. Many of them end up in cesarean surgery after hours and hours of laboring. Can you feel that pain? We agree that a doctor physically takes out the child in a c-section and this may sound so easy to you! However, the reality which nobody ever considers is that the struggles of a c-section mother. Her body grows, she nurtures her little one for straight nine months and then she stays calm during her cesarean process and finally recovers. Most importantly, she manages to bring her bundle of joy to this world with little to no help from the doctors. 

Pitty on all those people who do not consider this birthing as fascinating as a vaginal birth. There are numerous motherhood myths a woman needs to face these days. In fact, we all should be prepared to bear an unspoken pressure to give natural birth to our children. Also, we really acknowledge the advantages of not being under drugs to let the child take his/her first breath. It is really beautiful when a mother has full control over her child’s birth without any medical mediation. 

But also, one thing we all need to understand is that Caesareans are also one of the major surgeries. A mother needs a lengthy recovery period, as well as there are a lot of risks. And most importantly, sometimes C-section is important following some serious medical emergencies. There are times when a mother feels that it is the only way she can give birth to her child. Do you still think she should be judged for it? With time the silent judging of caesarean women is increasing. Was she too lazy to push her baby out? Or did she not feel the requirement to bond with her baby through the method of giving birth? 

It is high time to stop bashing these kinds of judgments on c-section mothers. A c-section is not a tool to weigh her abilities as a mother. Don’t you think so that women these days are already under extreme pressure to suit in various spheres? Is it a good thing to torture her even more with all the pressure & judgments for being a caesarean mother? Think about it, it is not going to help them in any way. It will only certainly depress them. So, try to support a caesarean mother. So from next time you judge a mother for not doing what you thought the perfect way to “give birth”, kindly stop and take a moment to realize why she was forced to deliver her little one that way. 

Caesarian Mum
Caesarian Mum

So what she didn’t push her baby out or see his head come out to this universe from between her legs? There is absolutely nothing wrong or bad with C-sections. Of course, a caesarean carries multiple risks but, you know what? Natural childbirth has numerous risks as well!! 

Just because she was cut open, it does not mean she is less of a mother!!

Respect her the same way as you respect mothers who give birth vaginally!!!