Yellow Nails: 5 Causes & Treatment

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Yellow Nails
Anindita Bhuyan
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Nails are a window for your body to respond to your health. They can tell you a lot about what is going inside or if something is not working well. When yellow nails appear, you may like or may not (me for sure not in the love category) thinking you are getting a light lemon nail paint but, knock knock! Get up from your dream. This is not that trendy or punky nail paint you can go gaga over.

They look ‘the dirtiest’ i.e. yellow nails. I prefer my peach-colored natural nail than any such other natural colors. Like seriously, I don’t want my natural nail color to be light blue, or green or yellow. I am so in love with the peach, and I hope you too resemble my likes and dislikes in this case.

Well moving forward if you are getting yellow tints on your fingernail and you want to know the reason for that, then you have come to the right place. Without further ado, let us start with what are the reasons. 

There are 8 possible reasons for you getting yellow tints. They are:

  1. Putting dark nail polish on a continuous basis
  2. You may have been infected with bacteria causing a fungal infection
  3. Working with your hands (a lot)
  4. A sign of vitamin deficiency on your body
  5. You are a smoker
  6. A die-hard admirer of self-tanners
  7. Hereditary
  8. Some health diseases may be lurking 

1. Putting dark nail polish on a continuous basis results in Yellow nails

Yellow Nails

You can stain your yellow nails if you wear nail paints, especially dark colors, on a regular basis. The dye in the nail paint interacts with the keratin of your nail and this causes your nail to get discolored and brittleness. 

The best way to get rid of yellow nails is, to let your nail breathe some fresh air. 

To take precautions, you can apply a base coat before applying the colored one and try getting ok with light colors. Luckily, light colors are more in vogue right now.

2. You may have been infected with bacteria causing a fungal infection

Yellow Nails

If you have got some pesky yellow color with nails getting accumulated then you may have been attacked with a fungal infection. You need to go to a dermatologist and get your nail some checkup. They will give you a course of a minimum of 8 months depending on your fungal infection, and you have to visit the dermatologist in an interval of 2 months. They are more common to attack the toenails. 

If possible you can get your nail removed and then clean the fungus that developed below your nail. Doing this you will get your normal nail within a month. Once the fungus is cleaned you don’t have to worry. Your nail will grow normally.

3. Working with your hands (a lot)

Yellow Nails

When you work with your hands, your nail sometimes starts to get separated from your nail bed. This separation is termed as Onycholysis. When this occurs, the nail starts adopting a yellowish or an opaque tone. 

To take care of this, you need to cut the detached portion or else the space between the nail and the nail bed gets filled with bacteria that prevent from reattaching. You can also dip your nails in Listerine solution twice a day. This will help you attach the nail to the nail bed.

4. A sign of vitamin deficiency on your body

Yellow Nails

Discoloration of your nail may be a result of malnutrition or vitamin deficit. You need to get your blood checked by a doctor to see if you lack any nutrients or vitamins. You will be given the levels of zinc or b12.

If they detect any deficiency then go and get the supplements that your doctor has prescribed and continued for the time spa he/she suggested. In the meantime, your nail should grow back to normal.   

5. Some health diseases may be lurking

Your body may not be healthy. As I mentioned earlier that nails are a window for your body to speak. Getting a yellow tone may be a result of you suffering from thyroid. If you suffer from thyroid, then you are likely to get nail crumbles at the edge with the yellow color as a complementary. Diabetes also causes the nail to go yellow. 

These were some of the reasons that you may be having a yellow nail. So do not mingle with the yellow conversion to be a trend. You may need to take them seriously because they are indications of your inner body. 

You should pay heed to what they are saying. 

Let your nails stay happy!!

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