In today’s digital era romances, we have all but forgotten how to write a love letter. Have you read Austen’s books or listened to your grandparents’ love stories- can you point to a commonality? Love Letters! To express one’s feelings by writing them down and then the nerve wrecking wait to get a reply or god-forbid if caught by strict parents- Oh the agony! But that’s what made these romances classic, something that we seem to miss out on.

Nowadays, we have almost forgotten how to write love letters, owing to the increasingly wide plethora of digital platforms and virtual mediums where we can confess our feelings to our loved ones. However, would anything match the joy of writing a letter on paper for that one special person? No. Also, would anything strike a chord in your lover’s heart as much as a handwritten sweet love letter would? Also, no. This is why it is important to know how to write a love letter. 

The best romantic love letters are those that are written on paper, with all your emotions shaping the words that you write. You have to keep in mind that more than being all praise about your partner, it’s important to pen down your feelings and experiences related to that person. It’s important to make them feel loved and wanted. The effort that you would put in for writing a love letter for someone would go a long way in setting your love story in motion. 

How to Write A Love Letter? 

Before you start writing a love letter and waste all the initial pages of your notebook, it would be a better idea to collect your thoughts and organize them. You have to determine how your letter should be so that it could have an impact on the person who’s reading it. 

Love Letter
Love Letter

The best romantic love letters are born out of expression and clarity. We have put down 6 ways that would help you to write your love letter better. 

1. Reason for writing the letter  

Before you start describing your fondness for your lover and begin to write down your feelings, mention why you’re writing the letter. This would not only give a purpose to the letter but also help you frame the words better, keeping in mind the occasion. 

If you’re writing a letter just like that, you could just enlist daily instances that make you feel special and prompt you to feel the need to appreciate them. A love letter is the most precious gift that you can give someone and you must write about something about that particular day when you’re writing, simply because that would make your effort memorable and even more significant. 

2. Consider your partner’s preferences 

When you write a love letter for someone, it’s supposed to be a very personal thing, with your choice of language and diction. However, while writing, you should always think about your partner’s emotional dynamics, to make the letter even more impactful. 

Think about the ways of writing that would make your partner feel extremely special, the tiny things that would make them know that they’ve thought about and their choices matter. Include phrases and words that mean something to them or to the both of you, to enhance your writing. 

3. Mention special moments 

Writing a love letter to make your partner feel extraordinary but not mentioning instances that are significant in your relationship isn’t worth it. Whenever you’re appreciating and praising your partner, talk about the moments that made you fall for them. 

Love Letter
Love Letter

You can also highlight instances that mean a lot and play a big role in bringing you together. In this way, you would not only bring a smile to your partner’s face but also make them wonder about your trust in the relationship and fondness for it. 

A love letter is mostly an account of your feelings and these accounts can never do without special memories. 

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4. Shower the compliments 

Finally, it’s time for the words of praise. If you’re someone who’s always paying compliments to your partner, think of newer and unexpected ways to appreciate your partner. 

Talk about the little sweet gestures that warm your heart, or about the way they look at you, all those times that they’ve supported you in your tough times, etc. The list is endless and relative. 

You would be aware of the best version of your lover and your love letter can go a long way in making them feel more noticed and confident about themselves and how they encourage others to carry themselves. 

5. Perfect imperfection 

All of us are beautiful, irrespective of everything else and some people need to realize that. If your partner has issues regarding themselves, it’s up to you to guide them to change their views. 

A sweet love letter is enough to contribute to making one feel better about themselves. Use this opportunity and talk about the things that they consider as flaws but aren’t. Moreover, you can also use this chance to apologize for something that you might’ve been doing or have done in the past. 

Often, things that cannot be solved through virtual conversations or even one-to-one interactions, can be dealt with, when explained in a letter written with love. 

6. Originality 

Always remember, if you want to write a love letter it has to be original. You can take inspiration from various places but the outcome has to be raw and genuine since love letters are supposed to come straight from the heart. 

If the words come out from your heart, they are surely going to touch your lover’s heart and make them feel loved like never before. Pour your heart out. This is also a great way of letting go of emotions and feeling lighter. 


We have enlisted some of the most essential markers that would help you write a love letter. If you abide by them, your love letters going to be as beautiful as the love that you feel, and your lover’s going to feel the same love. 

Have you been wondering how to write a love letter but have no idea where to start? Go through the above steps and get started with your letter already, the next special day is near. 

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