Are Wrinkled Feet Damping Your Style Game? Know Immediate Treatments

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wrinkled feet
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Do your feet get wrinkled if you have spent more time in water? Let’s find out whether it is completely normal or indication of some sort of underlying health condition.

Wrinkling is the result of skin shrinkage of blood vessels under your skin. This is a normal response of your nervous system if you are spending more time in the water. After your blood vessels shrink, your skin begins to collapse and this leads to the formation of wrinkles. 

Some parts of skin also known as glabrous skin, have a unique way of responding to water. Unlike the rest of your body, your fingers, toes and soles become wrinkled if exposed to water for a longer period. Wrinkling could be a response of assuring whether the sympathetic nervous system is entirely functional or not.

 Wrinkled feet could be the result of so many causes. The wrinkling could be temporary or it could be a symptom of any other health concerns.  

The possible causes of wrinkled feet: 

Wrinkled feet could be the reason for some of your basic daily chores which may not be of any grave consequence. But do not ignore if the condition persists for a longer period, it may call for medical attention.  

Some of the possible causes of wrinkled feet could be: 

wrinkled feet
  •  Staying in water for a longer period – If you are spending a longer period in the water while taking a shower or while spending time in the tub or pool, this could be one of the common causes of wrinkled feet. If this is the reason behind your wrinkled feet or fingers this would go away after sometime when your feet dry.
  • Immersion foot – Immersion foot also knows as trench foot could be one of the possible reasons for your wrinkled feet. This happens primarily because either your feet is too wet or cold for a wider period. Alongside wrinkled feet, trench feet can also lead to blisters, itching, pain, and redness of the feet skin.

Trench foot can be treated. If your feet have been wet for a longer period, try to warm them up by applying a heat pack for a few minutes. 

  • Dry skin– You need to make sure that your skin is dry but excessively dehydrated skin could also be one of the possible reasons that are giving you wrinkled feet. Excessive exposure to hot water or some sort of chemicals can make your skin dry. The lack of moisture in your skin can cause wrinkles. The loss of hydration could also lead to cracked skin which may look just like wrinkles.
  • Excessive sweating– Sweating heavily even in normal circumstances could be a sign that might need medical attention. Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis is a medical condition wherein people sweat a lot even while not undergoing any sort of physical labor or exercise.  

There are two types of hyperhidrosis – primary and secondary. 

The reason behind the primary hyperhidrosis remains unknown. It is a disorder that is characterized by excessive sweating in the armpits, palms, soles of feet etcetera.  

causes of wrinkled feet

Secondary hyperhidrosis could be the result of diabetes, some type of cancer, thyroid infections etcetera.  

This excessive sweat could either lead to sweating all over your body or in some localized area. Your feet is one of the places where this excessive sweat gets accumulated, the dampness caused because of this could be the cause of wrinkles. This happens especially when you wear shoes for a longer period of time and your feet don’t get enough air to breathe.

  • Exposure to sun– The UV rays coming out from the skin can pose serious damage to the skin. Some of these skin concerns could be premature ageing, sunburns, wrinkles etc. It’s easy to prevent your skin from sun damage. The best way to keep your skin safe from sun damage is by reducing sun exposure and if at all you are going out makes sure to apply sunscreen.

Treatment of wrinkled feet:

Are you wondering how to treat wrinkled feet?

If you have got wrinkled feet because of staying in water for a longer period thoroughly dry your feet when they get wet. Warm your feet with the help of a heating pad or soak your feet in warm water for almost 5 minutes. If your socks or shoes get wet either because of sweating, change your socks immediately.

Change your socks at least once daily and try not to sleep while wearing your socks. 

Treatment for excessive sweating – Try wearing footwear and socks that would help prevent moisture buildup.

Try applying aluminum chloride solution to your feet. You could also consult your doctor and talk about Botox treatment in your sweat glands. 

treat wrinkled feet

Treatment for dry skin – Moisturize your feet on a daily basis. Try looking for moisturizers that are specially made for dry skin. Besides hydrating your skin the application of moisturizer would help in the removal of wrinkles as well. You need to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. If even after taking the aforementioned precautions the problem persists do consult a doctor.

Treatment for excessive sun exposure – When it comes to sun exposure taking care of is the best possible treatment. Keep your feet hydrated, out of direct sunlight if possible and if you are going out in the sun try to cover your feet and apply sunscreen. Wear light breathable socks that would ensure protection from harmful UV rays and also prevent excessive sweating.

Is there a need for consulting a doctor?

Wrinkled feet unaccompanied by other symptoms likely don’t need any sort of medical attention. But wrinkled feet which are followed by other symptoms such as blisters, swelling, skin falling off from your foot, some sort of foot wound that hasn’t healed for some time, dry cracked skin which bleeds, excessive sweating without doing any extra labor, moles for any dark spots that keep growing over time, you may need to visit a doctor.

Your feet just like any other body part needs attention. Take care of it, hydrating and moisturizing is very necessary. Your wrinkled feet is treatable, you just need to make sure you are aware of the exact reason behind its cause. If your issues persist even after taking care, kindly visit a doctor.

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