It’s quite fascinating the way a female body works. Men will never be able to understand the way the female body is made. God must have been in a good mood when he created women because he has put so many wonders within us. Here we are to introduce you to some spellbinding facts about the female body that are going to leave you in awe. Moreover, it is going to make you love yourself even more.

9 Amazing Facts About Female Body

Checkout the 9 amazing facts about female body that you need to know:

1. One Boob Is Always Bigger To Another

Your twins are actually not the same in size. It is difficult to notice which one is bigger but one certainly is. One of your breasts has more breast tissues than the other and hence is bigger in size. It is just a piece of information and it is nothing abnormal. We are just blessed in that way.

2. Women Distinguish Colors Better Than Men

No wonder we love diamonds more than men do because we see the shine that they don’t. It is related to chromosomes. The sight we have is related to X chromosomes. Women have two X chromosomes whereas men have one so that creates a difference in the sight. Women see colors to be brighter as compared to men.

3. Body Transformation During Childbirth

Women out of the two genders we have been blessed with the ability to give birth to a child. It is not an easy task to push a baby out of our body and it’s highly painful. Along with the changes in the body, a woman’s cervix dialects to 10cms which is no less than a miracle. A small hole accommodates a baby and that is the real wonder in this world. 

4. Female Body Can Handle Pain Better

May it be every month’s menstrual pain or the immense pain during childbirth, women know better how to handle. Women are said to be less panicky when they are in pain as compared to men. It is all connected to their brain, women tend to forget their previous pain faster than men. Women have a 9 times stronger threshold for pain than men.

5. Women Have Greater Muscle Endurance

Women can perform stamina related exercises 75% longer than men. The estrogen level in women makes them more resistant to fatigue. Hence, women can build higher stamina with exercises than men. 

6. More Sensitive Skin

Women are able to feel a single strand of hair lying anywhere on their skin. Though women’s skin is 25% thinner to men’s skin their senses are sharper. This is the reason that women develop fine lines and wrinkles earlier than men do. 

7. Women’s Moods Are Regulated By Hormones

We all sometimes wonder how even a small thing affects us so much and sometimes we let go of things. This is all because of hormones. We cry in seconds and then laugh the other minute. Women are prone to be in a sexy mood 10 days after their periods, that is the time right before they begin to ovulate. They like to dress up nicely and are usually lovely to their partner at this time. But a week later, they could just want to be in bed with a hot cup of coffee and be warm with their partner. After a few days of that when women are about to welcome their periods, they will go all grumpy and weepy.

Female Body
Female Body

8. Women Go Through Adolescence Twice

That is true, women hit adolescence symptoms twice in their lifetime. Once when they are teenagers and the second in the mid-40s. It is connected to the hormones at the time of perimenopause. The moods of a teenager and a 45year old lady don’t have much of a difference. 

9. Women Are Expert At Reading Faces

We can say that women are blessed with the ability to read faces. They can perfectly decode what’s in another person’s mind. They have the sense to make out what’s been up maybe because they pay close attention to minor details in a person’s personality. 

Now you know what a wonderful creature you are. So love yourself immensely and be proud to be a woman.

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