Women’s Mood: Myths & Facts

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Anindita Bhuyan
Anindita Bhuyan, a graduate of BBA in International Business and a native of Assam. I crave to experience an odyssey and share that via words, that is where I have an eternal love for writing.

Every individual on this planet comprises of different behaviors, traits, characters, features, qualities, and many more. In short, everyone is unique. Even then there are certain broadly polarized myths and facts of the genders. Anyone facing problems with a woman will find this article truly a help since they’ll get to understand some of the myths and facts about women’s’ psychology or woman’s mood. Also, women who are suffering from certain issues related to their psychology can go through the suggestions.  

Myths about a woman’s mood

Women are too emotional- people always go on labeling women to be an emotional dramatic person but guess what, you are not. There are no such written limits of being emotional or for any personal feelings. You are as emotional as you should be and you have the right to feel whatever is in your heart and mind. 


  1. Be aware of whether your emotional level is at the right level according to you. 
  2. Do not fake emotions. It will have more of a negative impact on you.
  3. Try to handle your emotions, because you are a grown-up now. 
  4. Try being practical. It will help you as well as your inner health.
  5. Being too emotional sometimes may trigger people to isolate you, leading to loneliness.
  • Women are too needy- excuse, please!! No one in the world can generalize a trait as a woman thing. Those who think women are too needy need to visit an orphanage. Along with boys, you will also see girls there. 


  1. Stand on your own feet and fulfill all your needs and wants by yourself.
  2. Don’t stay dependent thinking that your man can give you a living. Make is a ‘us process
  • Women are extremely sensitive- I think Mary Kom completely contradicts this. She has survived a lot of hits and punches that a man with his coat and suit, I doubt can even take one. It is not like women are always their papa ki pari(angel).


  1. Disentangle your mind so that you can see straight and reduce the complexities.
  2. Do not exaggerate things. Keep it easy.

Facts about a woman’s mood

  • Small things matterIt is a myth that women are very sensitive but it is true that they are affected by little things. If you want to make any women, do little things but with your heart in it. And she loves SURPRISES.
  • If a woman is sad, she would feel comforting if you patiently listen and empathize with her- there is a piece of big advice that I would like to give every person that, do not try to make the person understand right and wrong when she is gloomy. Prefer consoling her. 


  1. If you are sad, prefer listening to music with your headphones. For me, it surely works as a mind refresher. You can check for yourself if it works.
  2. Even if the other person is advising you with the rights and wrongs, you should try to stay calm. This will reduce the probability of going things in the wrong direction.
  3. You can also get a slumber to refresh your mind and regenerate your energy. After waking up you will feel happier than before.
  • Women communicate more with non-verbal gestures- women speak less with words when expressing with words, but they speak more with the non-verbal gestures. Women expect others to understand those gestures. 


  1. We women should try to express our feelings via words since this reduces the chances of miscommunication. The person may not always understand what you want to say or what you feel like. 
  2. Trying to communicate via words will help you make others understand you better.
  3. Reduces the chances of confusion, or else the other person may stay perplexed and uncomfortable to ask you clearly.
  • Women are more nerve-racking than men- It is true that women are more nervous when compared with men. It is simply because women tend to think more in every nook and corner. 


  1. Why think so much, they are just like you. And even if they are not it is not mandatory you have to be ‘them’, be you.   

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