Women Don’t Need To Tolerate It Anymore!!

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“You must have done something wrong if he beats you” – This is what the society normally say when women become victims of domestic violence and always judge that it is the woman only who initiated. There is nothing wrong if he beats you, might be it was just a bad day for him at the office or he might be under the influence of alcohol and was not in his senses, society only asks a woman to adjust accordingly for the sake of family and children.

You will find every 10 parents out of 100 supporting their son-in-law for their wrongful deeds just to save their daughter’s marriage because in the society like ours, it’s a taboo if a woman is living in her parent’s house after marriage & she becomes answerable to everyone. Besides several laws made by the government to stop such kind of violence, women are still becoming a victim of domestic violence as gender-based discrimination and gender stereotypes perpetuate such kind of violence. 

We as a society have to work together in eradicating this problem from its roots and should prevent it from happening at first. 

How to prevent violence on women

Educate families

No law can be successful if people do not adhere to it properly. Besides educating women for raising their voice against domestic violence, it is very important to make the parents aware of the domestic violence effects on their daughter’s mental and physical growth. A woman after getting beaten up by her husband and in-laws seeks her parent’s protection; it is their duty to protect her from such inhumane acts and should stand as a pillar in her tough time. Don’t tell her to adjust just for the sake of society or her children and family. 

Let her be the bread earner

Give wings to her and let her fly. Your daughter in law is equally efficient and educated as your son is; allow her to earn for herself and for her family in a way to boost her self-confidence level. Try not to be judgmental while believing and supporting her decisions. 

Report it at first

Women need to have zero tolerance to domestic violence and there is no room to compromise just for the sake of the family. You need to take stand for yourself instead of waiting for your parents or relatives to protect you. The government can bring the law in place but ultimately it’s your will if you would take stand for yourself or just keep repenting on your miserable situation. No one can help until you will help yourself.

Women Don’t Need To Tolerate It Anymore!!

It is quite disturbing that 72% of women and 68% of men believe that it is okay if a husband is beating his wife for any reason such as going out without his permission, neglecting the children or in-laws or refusing to have sexual relations with the husband or not meeting their dowry expectations, etc. 

This is high time to stand against such kinds of violence and give our daughters the freedom to live happily, after all, safety begins from the home itself. Make them independent so that they can take all decisions of their lives without compromising their identity and self-respect.

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