Wisdom for a woman starting career: Go to the kitchen of life, take those dreams of yours, put some amount of hard work, add a pinch of inspiration, mix them all together in the right proportion and VOILA!! You have prepared for yourself the perfect life on your plate! 

Your dreams and how much you are willing to seize them is what makes you unique. Everyone dreams of a better life, an anxiety-ridden day, a luxurious house etc. But you need to realize that there are always people who are going to dream and there are a handful who wake up and actually realize them. It’s your choice to follow the crowd of dreamers or to rise high and pursue them.

A dream will never become a reality if you don’t wake up. There are many who are afraid to wake up from their dreams and ruin them. But don’t you think it would be amazing to manifest your dream rather than setting it back? Don’t wait for someone to ignite you and bring a miracle into your life. Sometimes you have to be your own hero and the master of your destiny’s game to hit the ball into the goal of your life.

The realities may desolate you and you may escape into a fantasy land but that’s fine because we all need an escape once in a while. Memories are what lead us to our past and dreams are what help us to move forward. Remember that your fantasy world is a good place to visit occasionally but never a good place to stay. So, revive yourself, become stronger, and connect yourself to reality again.

To All Woman Starting Career Late in Life

Teenagers are compelled to accomplish the unpolished dreams of their parents and the expectations of the society. I’m not telling you to let down your parents by not obeying them and filling colours into their unfulfilled dreams. Instead, find something that catches your heart and soul. Something for which passion gleams through your eyes when you talk about it to someone. Make your parents understand the inclination behind your dream.

Follow your head and heart instead of executing the norms and commandments of society. Society waits to celebrate your failures and not your success. You only get one chance to lead a life but once is more than enough if you turn the tables in your favor.  We are who we choose to be. Nobody is going to save you from your distress nor can anyone twist and destroy your destiny. You’ve got to save yourself. The world doesn’t owe you anything……

Woman Starting Career
Woman Starting Career

Don’t give up on your dreams. Know that dreamers can never be tamed and never let go of your dream because in the end we all are dreamers in an endless universe and yes, dreams do come true. Dreams are illustrations from the book of your life that your soul writes about you, so make yours a best-seller.

Tips to Achieve Your Dreams

Eleanor Roosevelt wisely quotes – The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Learn from the lives of the successful who walk with their heads high in clouds and feet on ground. Don’t tell people about your wonders. Unveil and Manifest them!! We all have an effervescence within ourselves that lies far beyond our apprehensions. Don’t let anyone ever plague or blur that flicker in you with their bricks of negative criticism. Use the buoyancy you feel towards your fear to delight your marvels and ignite the dreamer in you.

Every great dream begins with a fantasist. Always remember that you have the passion and strength within you to reach for the stars and remold the world. A victorious person is not someone who is always goal-oriented but someone who had a dream believed in them and reversed the course of tides. The stretch that you see between your dreams and reality is action. If you never take action and chase your dreams, then you can never grab hold of them. You visualize your cherished aspirations best when you are awake. So, take a leap of faith, commit yourself to what you want, and go for it.


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