If you ever wonder that can wisdom teeth after extraction grow back or can wisdom teeth grow back after extraction, the answer is no they can’t or they don’t usually grow back for 98% of people. Although the rest 2% has a chance of growing them back even after extraction.

Wisdom Teeth After Extraction

Wisdom Teeth are the extra molars that are located at the back of our mouth, near the curved edge. We have two sets of these in the upper and the lower part. Most people get their wisdom teeth in their later teens or their twenties. Some people could get all four teeth while some have one and a few don’t ever get them. The appearance of these last set of molars is because of our ancestors, they needed these to chew extra hard food that was not as well cooked as we get now, as gradually we shifted to softer and better cooked food, we had no use of these extra sets of teeth.

Why Do You Need to Get Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Below are the reasons you need to get wisdom tooth extraction:

1. They are painful

The process of getting wisdom teeth is a painful one and most of the time the only solution is to get them extracted. You don’t get all of them at once but one at a time. They try to push the other teeth in order to make space for them. Many people have reported excruciating pain that often gave them a temperature or result in various other symptoms. The pain goes on for a few days and if you feel that the pain is beyond your strength you should go see your dentist for the extraction.

2. Swelling

This is also very common when you are getting your wisdom teeth. You should expect your gums to swell up a little or in some cases a lot when you are about to get your wisdom teeth. The swelling stays for a while during the process and it can occur frequently, so to avoid this it is a better way to get your wisdom teeth extracted. 

3. Infection

Yes, some people reported that their tooth and the area around the wisdom tooth starts getting a certain infection because of the opening of the gums. This can get very serious if not treated at the right time.

4. Affects the other teeth

Since you are getting wisdom teeth in your late teens and early twenties, there is not enough place for new teeth in your jaw. So, while making their way out, these teeth often push the other teeth ahead; this can result in overcrowding and also some pain in the gums. This also affects the look of your teeth and they can also start showing a little forward than they actually were.

5. Braces

Often when you get braces after your teens, the dentist could have to remove a few molars from your mouth to create some space and to push the teeth to their desired places. Then they suggest you get your wisdom tooth removed for the convenience of the situation.

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Process of Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

The process of extraction of wisdom teeth can only be performed with the permission and advice of your dentist. Since these have their roots deep in our gum the process of extraction of wisdom teeth is especially painful. 

Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom Teeth

The person will be given an anesthesia to numb the nerves of the area, due to which they will not feel anything while the extraction is being done. The effect of the anesthesia lasts for a couple of hours after which it slowly subsides. Post-surgery you have to take special care of the area following all the instructions given to them by their dentist. The swelling stays for a few days and so does the pain but after that, you wouldn’t have to worry unless you are in the 2% of the population, for whom the wisdom tooth can grow back.

Can Wisdom Teeth Grow Back?

After discussing all the important details of wisdom tooth extraction, we arrive back at the question from which we started, can extracted wisdom teeth grow back. It is essential to know that after going through such a painful process of getting them and worse, getting them removed; nobody wants to go back to the same circle. So, the question that persists is who should worry after extraction, wisdom teeth will grow back. People with a condition called hyperdontia which means that they have extra growth of teeth in their mouth. This extra tooth or teeth could be fully grown teeth or look like a half tooth still in the process of coming out. 

Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom Teeth

Usually, men have a tendency towards this condition more than women. These teeth can grow anywhere on the curved parts of our jaws, either in front of our teeth or at the back. This condition could be genetic or inherited and/or caused by certain diseases such as the Fabry disease or the Cleidocranial dysplasia which causes the skull and collarbone to grow abnormally. The teeth which erupt after the extraction of the wisdom teeth are known as supernumerary teeth. However, these can be diagnosed through getting an X-ray of your jaw. Getting them for the second could be very painful. So, the best way to prevent it would be to get a thorough checkup and consult your dentist about the possibility of you growing them back and most especially if you already have extra teeth in your mouth because of hyperdontia. 

Food You Should Consume After the Extraction

After the painful process of getting your teeth removed you have to take care of the food you consume for some time as certain food can be very difficult to chew. 

  • Soups
  • Ice-cream
  • Yogurt
  • Fruit smoothies
  • Rice
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Gelato
  • Scrambled eggs

After getting your wisdom teeth extraction, make sure to take good care of your teeth by brushing them twice daily and drinking more water, in all maintain proper oral hygiene after the extraction to get better results and also to avoid going back to the dentist for the same problem.

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