Straight, silky hair is a universally appealing hair type, giving the person a sleek and beautiful look. However, many women who have straight hair consider it to be the most annoying hair type. Contrary to that, this hair type is deemed to be suitable for the added shine as straight hair can hold the shine serum more efficiently in comparison to other hair types. Also, straight hair is more natural to grow long and healthy as the resilience it earns from the hair products makes it less prone to any breakage and split ends.

Tips for Straight Hair Maintenance

Here are some tips to maintain your straight mane. 

1. Boosting Hair Growth

It is essential to condition and nourishes the hair regularly for good health. Use mousse and conditioner daily for better shine. You can also brush the hair with a big barrel brush and style the straight hair in the opposite direction for adding volume to it. This will give a new voluminous look to the hair.

2. Erase the Grease

Oily hair is a strict no-no to any hair kind. You can separate the straight hair clumps by applying dry shampoo on the days when you don’t wash the hair. Spray the dry shampoo on the roots before going to bed. The dry shampoo will soak up the oils from the scalp and hair, making it look less greasy.

Hair Styles for Straight Hair

Straight hair may seem to be low on the fancy styles and looks that magazines offer, but actually, it is just the opposite. With the below-mentioned innovative hairstyles for straight hair, one can make the hair look exciting and appealing in its way.

1. Hair Style with Snap Clips

This is a pinned back hair look where you can use attractive snap clips and pin it at the sides to give it a completely different look than the usual.

2. Half-up Hair Style with Chain

You can create this hairstyle with a beautiful hair chain. Hair chains are a rage nowadays, with many fashion moguls adhering to them to style their hair locks and accessorize them. With the hair chain, twist a part of your hair back and pin it across the head. Then, wrap the other part of the hair backward and pin it on the top of the twist and fasten them together with a hair chain.

3. Leave It Sleek

You can blow-dry the hair ends with a hairdryer and make soft curls at the end. Or better, use a hairbrush to create soft curls at the end! This is a go-to-go style when you don’t want to take ample time to do your hair.

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4. Hair Style With Bangs

Opt for retro-style bangs in your straight hair by parting them to the side across the head and giving them a whole new dimension and look. Wearing the bangs, the usual old way is so cliché!

5. Hair Style with a Side Part

Straight hair doesn’t mean you will have to middle part your hair every time. Go for the side parting with a deep side part and sprinkle the hair spray to keep the hair smooth and in style.

6. Hair Style with Ponytail

Turn your ponytail into a sleek one by flat-ironing the ends and then styling it for the evening. This will give a different look to the usual ponytail look.

7. Barrette Hairstyle

Use a barrette accessory for a different look to your short straight hair. Secure the short hair with a few rubber bands and clip the barrette on top of it for a different look.

8. Hair Style with a Multi-Ponytail

To make the ponytail look layered and super sleek, make multiple ponytails with hair ties, and give it a tight and elegant look.

Hair Style with a Multi-Ponytail
Hair Style with a Multi-Ponytail

9. Messy Hairstyle

Straight hair doesn’t always require being sleek and perfectly combed and styled. You can give it a textured look by using a texturizing spray on the hair roots and messing them up for a new look altogether.

10. Hairstyle with a Bow

Make the straight hair ponytail look formal by making a bow with a black velvet ribbon. The ribbon would look at a complete official version and would also match the smooth vibes of the straight ponytail.

11. Hair Style with Headband

This hairstyle accessory never goes out of fashion! Whenever you are too lazy for any hairstyle, go for a headband. Use a full, colorful, or elegant headband (like a pearl-studded one) and make the hairstyle a style statement.

There are multiple hairstyles for straight hair, be it styling with accessories, hair products, or with the hair itself in layers! All you need is the idea of giving your usual straight look a perfect different dimension and elegance. As we say, straight hair is never dull hair!

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