Why Shouldn’t You Take Antidepressants

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Anindita Bhuyan
Anindita Bhuyan, a graduate of BBA in International Business and a native of Assam. I crave to experience an odyssey and share that via words, that is where I have an eternal love for writing.

DEPRESSION is a very common yet complicated malady of the contemporary. I see people, every one in five admitting about, they are suffering from depression. Here we will talk about antidepressants. 

You should know what depression actually is, and how is depression different from sadness. Only being sad does not mean you are in depression, although, you may move towards depression as sadness is a valid symptom. To be sure, go through all the symptoms of depression.

This is not something to flabbergast with or is not a buzz that you should flaunt as a vogue because when it comes to depression you will face many hurdles, be it before medication or after medication.

If you are suffering from moderate to severe levels of depression then you should consult your emotions with your near and dear ones for whom you are a priority or else you really need to book an appointment with the doctor or psychiatrist because this is not something you can handle on your own and be okay, it’s TOUGH! You can check this link to get some help to cure your depression.

When treating depression you will be given certain medications that are mandatory courses of treatment. Those medications will come with precise side effects that may or may not attack you but it is always better to be aware of such side effects. 


Some of the side effects of antidepressants:

  • Nausea

It is when you have a sense of unpleasantness and disturbance from inside that urges you to vomit. It is not painful, but it causes discomfort on the chest, upper abdomen or to the back of your throat.  

  • Raising appetite and obesity

Consuming such medications would increase your food requirement which will shot up your appetite and as a result, you would gain weight and be obese. It is one of the unknown side effects that I have come across while dealing with people who are going through such care.

  • Drowsiness and fatigue

This is the most common side effect when you are in any medication. Consuming any medicine would make you feel tired very soon and you will feel drowsy. This happens because the medicines affect neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are chemicals in your brain that are used by the nerves to transmit messages and information from each other. Some of them control your feeling about how awake or sleepy you are.

  • Loss of sexual needs and desires

One of the notorious side effects of antidepressants is the loss of sexual desire. This is because of the alterations in the chemicals and hormones in our bodies. Any medicine changes the inner decorum by making certain changes in the chemical balance of the organs. This changes the level of hormones inside us.

  • Other sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, decreased orgasm
  • Agitation 

You may stay furious at others as well as may develop the feeling to hurt yourself. This will require a proper review of all the medication and consult with the doctor.

  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Anxiety 

Chances of suicide

Depression is next to cancer if not taken proper care. I have lived through such situations where the person gives up his/her life for not being able to come to equilibrium and also those who surpass such haunting ghosts. You see, both are different. What can you say about the chances of suicide?

I feel this is pathetic to give one’s own life but I have never gone through this haunting space, so I can never feel what the other person who committed suicide felt. This is going to be absurd if I comment on their decision, but I would like to advise the depressed person to please have patience and continue your treatment. Believe in yourself and life is beautiful and you have loads to go. And I would like to request each one of you to at least give support to those who are suffering from such issues. You may save someone’s life and help them be stronger, there’s nothing bad in doing this. 

Suggestion during depression:

  • Never feel they are just pretending, even if they pretend it is their loss
  • Give them mental strength
  • Involve them in occasions that will make them happy, do not feel awkward. 
  • Give them love as much as you can, because they are someone in your life too.

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