Why Should You Bake Your Makeup?

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First things first: If you are someone who happened to stumble upon this article in search of cooking/baking tips we can’t wait until you reach the end of this article and learn absolutely nothing about baking whatsoever. Secondly, if you are someone who seems to be misled by the title of this article and hoping for getting makeup and baking tips simultaneously, forgive us but this article ain’t got nothing about baking as in eating. We know, it’s kind of disappointing, but all this because we are going to be using the term baking frequently through this article and we do not want your mind to wander into otherworldly places where you daydream about cakes and cookies. Coming back to the talk of the day, we are here to talk about the newest, hottest trend in the world of makeup today – baking.

How many years did it take you to learn to wing that eyeliner just perfectly on both your eyes? Speaking on behalf of most girls who love to do makeup and want to do makeup – the world of makeup doesn’t seem to rest and we are honestly taking years to learn these new methods. Just when you thought you aced the eyeliner and now you are the pro makeup queen, they hit you with the contouring. Years go by and you somehow manage to learn the art of sculpting and contouring perfectly. Well, surprise surprise! Here comes another impossible task for you – baking makeup. Honestly, everyone is doing it and we can’t seem to see why not! Read along to know more about it.

What is baking your makeup?

Baking your makeup is a term that was generally used by the drag community for years and it specifically means letting your makeup powder sit on your face for 5-10 minutes, to allow the heat of your face to set your foundation and concealer. Further, you dust the powder off from your face using a makeup brush and voila! You get a creaseless, gorgeous finish of your makeup. All the makeup artists and celebrities are using this method to get the best out of their makeup looks.

Steps To Bake Your Makeup

  • Prepping

Start off by applying a suitable eye cream under and over your eyes before you put on any makeup. Application of eye cream will ensure plumping of your under eyes hence reducing any fine lines or appearance of wrinkles. It will also provide a smooth and moisturized eye area for applying makeup efficiently.

  • Conceal

Apply a very thick layer of a concealer that is a shade lighter than your skin tone. For baking your makeup, you need to remember that applying a thick layer of concealer is necessary. Blend the concealer under your eyes using a makeup brush or a blender sponge. For better results, you can also apply a second layer of concealer and blend it out. Don’t worry about the makeup looking too much on your skin, because the powder in the baking process takes care of it.

  • Translucent Powder

Get a translucent powder and a really puffy eyeshadow brush for this step. Dab the powder over all the concealer you put on in the previous step and cover the area entirely with the powder. This is the base of your makeup.

  • Baking

Showtime girls! This is the crucial step so read on very carefully. Wet your makeup sponge with some setting spray, desirably a wedge-shaped one, for easier application. Dip the wet sponge into your box of setting powder. Pack a load of the setting powder under your concealer filled area and wait for about 5-10 minutes for your makeup to bake.

  • Dust It Off

Now that your makeup is baked – time to see the results. But, before that, grab the fluffy eyeshadow brush and dab off the powder by making swirled movements away from the area. Dust it off nicely and neatly, avoiding any harsh edges.

Thus, your makeup look is done looking better than before! You can use this baking technique in your everyday makeup routine or for some special occasions, any way you please. This will create the perfect look for a creaseless and flawless makeup look anytime!

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