Undoubtedly, sex is exciting but it should be even more exciting when you are trying to have a baby. Particularly in this time, you as well as your partner should enjoy every bit of your time, connect more as a couple, and most importantly dream and smile to yourselves thinking that your recent bedroom encounter is going to add-up a small family member in nine months from now. Didn’t that sound like a fairytale to you? 

Are you and your partner experiencing this fairy tale too? If your answer is “No”, then you should know that both your relationship and sex can become more complicated with time. Let me tell you that some couples even drift apart during their infertility treatments. Hence it is very necessary to stay sexually connected. Take a look at some of the common challenges that most couples face as well as know-how to tackle each one of them: 

  • Having Scheduled Sex

The common problem that annoys most of the couples is that they are supposed to have sex at a particular time, based on what their clock or calendar asks them, i.e. their ovulation cycles. But the hard reality is that one finds it really difficult to adjust as the real world does not always function accordingly. 

For instance, if your doctor says that December 8 is the appropriate day to make a baby, however when that day arrives, what if one of you had a hectic day at the office or you have to be away for any business purpose or your partner may have the flu. And if due to any of these reasons, your sex does not work out, then both of you will end up feeling guilty for losing an opportunity.

This May Help You– Make sure that you both are still having sex for fun and connection. This will help you to plan your nights without boredom and keep that romantic spark alive. Keep in mind that there are numerous excellent reasons to have sex. Conceiving is just one of them.

  • Dealing With Disappointment 

It is mostly found that when a couple has been trying to conceive for a very long time, they naturally start feeling sad as well as frustrated when they see no results. At this point, anxiety and depression take control over all factors of their relationship that includes their sexual connection as well.

This May Help You– Try not to hide your actual feelings within yourself. Rather be open to your partner and discuss with him/her when you are feeling down. Never blame each other for the situation. You might consider a therapist or counselor in order to find the right guidance to keep your relationship strong. 

  • Dealing With Annoying People 

The most nosy people during this time are your friends and family members. These people just come up with intrusive questions such as When will you have a baby? Or how often do you try? Or just make senseless comments. 

This May Help You– When someone asks you a stupid question, you just don’t have to answer it. If someone makes an insensitive comment, you just don’t have to take it to your heart. Decide together about how much details you have to share and with whom you have to share.

  • Not Prioritizing Your Relationship 

During infertility treatment, couples get stressed out in between doctor’s appointments and tests. Amidst all these, you can just drift away from each other.

This May Help You– This is the time to prioritize your relationship. Have fun, go out, see a movie, make a meal and share a hug. Just stay connected!!


It is difficult to share your fears and failures during infertility treatment, however, if you decide to be a bit open with your partner, it can actually strengthen your relationship in the long run. Understand each other during this dark time! If there is a strong bond between you and your partner, then you both can even develop a new sexual connection.

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