As a person ages, so does their hair! And hair changes its texture and color over a person’s lifetime. The changes in the texture and color of the hair depend on several factors. 

Reasons Why Hair Change Color or Texture

Here we bring to you specific reasons which lead to a change in the texture/color of hair:

1. Lacking in Collagen

As a person gets older, the collagen in the body starts disappearing from the skin and the scalp. This results in the production of less conditioning scalp oils to keep the hair smooth. As a result of this, the natural pigmentation of the hair fades away leaving the less moisturized scalp and brittle hair. With age, the person should take more steps of haircare and also a proper diet to restore and balance the nutrition required for smooth hair. Products that are rich in concentrated amino acids, as well as conditioning agents, are an excellent help for resetting the texture of the hair.

2. Hormonal Changes

A woman goes through varying stages of hormonal changes in her body, starting from puberty, regular menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and after that aging. In the entire process and a gradual change in hormones across these stages, the hair follicles become smaller, leading to a reduced follicle density and thinning of hair. The difference in estrogen levels reduces hair growth and increases hair fall. This also results in a change of hair texture and color over the years.

3. Low Protein Diet

Lack of protein also changes the hair texture. Protein is essential for the hair and the body, it strengthens hair and also increases the growth rate. A lack of protein in the diet causes the hair to change its texture as the hair requires optimum levels of nutrients to grow. One should take rich quantities of salmon, avocado, edible oysters, and eggs into the diet to increase the protein intake.

4. Environmental Changes

The environment is a polluted area, with dust, dirt, smoke, and pollution from the vehicles filling it up each day. This polluted atmosphere interferes with the protein of the body and also affects the hair, thus reducing its growth. It is also concluded in a study that people who are exposed to cigarette smoke are more prone to experience an increase in hair loss.

5. Product Build-up

You style your hair frequently with hair styling products, sprays, and gels. Though you shampoo your hair every three days, there is a product build-up from the hair products and the pollution in the environment. This leads to dull hair with the wrong texture and rough and unmanageable hair strands to deal with. Though it is okay with being infrequent with the hair wash, the product build-up must be dealt with appropriately. A regular hair care routine (hair reset routine) with oiling, massaging the scalp, and going for a hair spa will remove the product build-up making the hair smooth and silky. One can use light botanical oil for the hair.

6. Medication

Medication is another cause of hair changing its texture and color. In the majority of cases, it is a prescription medicine that causes a change in the hair texture. It is advisable to check with the physician regarding the changes in hair texture and growth.

7. Heat Abuse

Heat abuse also causes texture changes in hair, much like the chemical abuse from hair products and color treatments. This also leads to thinning and brittleness of hair and an increase in hair loss.  As such, it is advisable to reduce the use of hair straightening irons and curling irons which bring heat to the hair. One should also let the hair air-dry at times and use protective products while applying heat to the hair.

Heat Abuse
Heat Abuse

8. Hard Water

Hard water changes a hair texture drastically; it has more minerals than any other bottled water product and leads to residue build-up in the hair. It's good to include a filter in the tap or the shower to soften the water before using it for hair wash.

A flowing and healthy mane is every woman’s dream. As such, to keep it that way, the hair must be taken care of regularly and adequately oiled and washed to ensure smooth and soft hair. Avoiding the factors that cause changes in the texture would be helpful to get flowing and beautiful hair!