Pregnancy is a transition phase for the expecting mother and father as individuals. After settling down with a partner for life, a couple gradually dreams of bringing a child of their own into the world. As our elders say, a child completes the union of two people after marriage. But having a baby especially for the first time comes with challenges. One of the most common challenges that almost all couples face after the baby is arguments with one another. A couple fight after having a baby is more common than you think.

If you and your spouse are having issues and fighting a lot after having your baby, then you have to go to the right place. Keep on reading to find out why most couple fight after having a baby and the solution to this kind of issue. The feeling when you finally get to hold your baby in your arms is out of this world. You and your spouse do everything to know everything about the care of a newborn baby. Unfortunately, the thing that most couples miss to research is how to take care of their relationship after the baby comes. 

Causes Behind Couples Fight After Baby

So, let’s get started with the probable causes of why you and your spouse are fighting after having a baby.

1. Lack of support from your spouse 

When there is a lack of support from your spouse for taking care of the baby is one of the foremost reasons for the two of you fighting. Bringing up a baby requires an equal contribution from both parents. Handling a newborn baby all on your own is no easy task. When you and your spouse join hands to divide the chores related to your baby, it makes the situation easier for both of you. 

In doing so, both of you will get to take timely rest and concentrate on your work as well. Moreover, helping each other out during this phase will bring you closer as a couple as well.

Couples Fight After Baby
Couples Fight After Baby

2. Different parenting techniques

Taking care of the baby requires some level of coordination and understanding between the couple. We as individuals have different opinions on everything. Similarly, it is very natural to have opinions different from your spouse. But with the addition of the baby into the picture, it is important to have some understanding of how you and your spouse will like to parent your child. Indifference in parenting techniques is another factor that leads to arguments between a husband and a wife.

3. Lack of proper sleep and rest

As mentioned earlier, bringing up a baby is no easy task. Especially in the initial days, you and your spouse will miss the time when you could get a goodnight’s sleep. It is truly a blessing to have a baby of your own, but with it, the number of responsibilities increases, making your lives hectic. Life itself is so hectic, and with the baby, it becomes impossible to juggle everything. Amongst all these changes, you and your spouse may get cranky and end up fighting on small things.

4. Lack of romance after having a baby

As you can see, with the arrival of a baby, your lives change forever, obviously for the better. Amidst the happiness of having your baby, one of the biggest changes that most couples as parents struggle, is maintaining their romantic life. 

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Romance in marriage is more important than anything. This is something that our parents will never be able to share openly, hence many couples pay less attention to maintain their chemistry. As a result, couples feel detached from one another which ultimately leads to disagreements. 

Romantic chemistry brings a couple closer emotionally and physically. It is also true that getting some intimate action when you have a baby may seem impossible. It is up to you and your spouse to find out a little bit of time at least to have some ‘mommy daddy’ time.

Couples Fight After Baby
Couples Fight After Baby

5. Financial troubles after having a baby

Taking care and bringing up a baby can put a strain on your financial savings. Starting a family on your own is a big responsibility, and to move forward smoothly, having a strong monetary backup is very necessary. 

Purchasing products for the baby cannot be ignored and is necessary. This may cause you or your spouse to feel that a lot more money is going on the baby products than expected. A classic reason behind the fight between couples after having a child. To solve monetary issues, you have to note down all the purchases done to make a budget.

Bottom Line

Life, as we know, is full of ups and downs. With the birth of your baby, things may seem to have become more complicated than ever, but with time, you and your spouse will eventually figure how to manage your new life as parents. 

Being in a relationship is mainly all about trust and understanding. Communication between you and your spouse will also solve half of the problems as parents. So, these are a few scenarios why couples fight after having a baby. Apart from this, some mothers suffer from postpartum depression as well which can also be a cause of regular fights with their spouses. 

To get through such situations, a couple has to be stronger than ever and work things out as soon as possible. At the end of the day, everything will work out. So, if you have been fighting with your spouse lately after having a child, you need not worry, all you need to do is talk to another and maintain the chemistry that you two had before the baby.

Take care.

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