Which Hidden Story Does Your Hairstyle Speak About Your Personality

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Simran Lakhina
A content writer with a specialization in journalism and mass communication. Being a post-graduate in English, I aspire to write a work of fiction one day. I enjoy interacting with new people and like to be in a positive aura.

Personality is a complete package of hair, outfit, footwear and the way you carry yourself. An individual’s personality is responsible for a positive or negative impact that he/she creates. Everyone’s beautiful in a unique way but it is very important that every corner of your body is well-groomed if you wish to have an impactful impression. For a woman especially, her hair plays a major role in her outlook and the way she will be perceived. Experts have proved that our hairstyle is a major component of our personality that influences the image. 

According to Chinese Medicine chaps, along with other facial features, even your hairstyle reveals a lot of things about you. Let’s find out which hairstyles reveal which side of your personality:

Natural Curly Hair- According to Chinese books, curly-haired women are pretty generous and tend to do everything on their own. They are fun-loving, warm-hearted and yet have a fiery personality. Their personality carries traits of love, leadership, passion, insight, intuition, reason and expressiveness. Interesting to know, curly-haired chicks can be a drama queen.

Red-haired heroines- The other name for red-haired women can be fun, fun and fun. Other hair colors do have sync with your facial features but red hair is the only category that stands out proudly. If you are blessed with red hair or even if you have dyed your hair red, it indicates that you are fun-loving, have a good sense of humor and like to maintain a light atmosphere inside-out. Red-haired chicks too can be a drama queen but at the same time, they are pretty shy and are afraid of rejection.

Wavy hair- Wavy hair is quite a dynamic trait of personality. It symbolizes high energy, power, intense connection, and their feelings can be hurt easily. Another interesting fact about women with such hair is that they regularly need alone time even though they might love you. Also, freedom is really very very important to such people. 

Thick and/or thin hair- Wavy hair is a sign of energy and strong will power. It means you are stubborn and have a strong sense of individuality. Interestingly, thick-haired people have a lower sex drive. On the other hand, thin-haired women are just the opposite. They are delicate with lower levels of energy and they stay away from extreme sports or heavy workouts. 

Straight hair but you always wish to curl them- Some women like to curl their straight hair. They are addicted to curling their straight hair because they are missing fun from their lives. They try to become more interesting by curling their hair and wish to attract more positivity and give out a fun message to the world.

Curly hair but you wish to straighten them- The ones who are trying to bring their curly hair into a straight avatar mean that their life is too chaotic and they wish to bring some calmness. 

Hairstyle with high maintenance- While some women regret choosing a high maintenance hair cut, some women get it on purpose. Such women might be self-critical or drama queens. Getting a high maintenance cut is a sign that you wish your hairstyle to stand out and be noticed each time you step out. Such women wish to be a noticeable face in the crowd.

Choosing to go bald- According to Chinese face reading, choosing to go bald is a positive sign. This is a symbol of a huge-hearted person and a willingness to love with a sparkling personality. The bald category of women is also very romantic. 

Blunt cut beauties- Some women like to keep their hair blunt short all the time. Such women value logic, set goals and are driven. Their motto is to not spend too much time on the hair and are always on the go.

Crease cut hairline- Some divas like to keep their hair uptight for their hairline to be visible. This is a sign that such women are rebels and like to challenge the rules laid. They always wish to make a positive change in the world.

High ponytail- The prim and proper high ponytail is for the women who are goal-oriented. They are logical and athletic. They are the true warriors. 

Rounded hairline- This is the category of good girls. Women with rounded hairlines are the ones who are well mannered and tend to follow the rules as laid. Very obedient and stainless.

Your hairstyle, hair cut and hairdo says a story and creates an impact. It is an important aspect of your personality. Make sure you take care of your hair since it is a personality maker and a personality breaker as well. Stay beautiful!

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