Find Out What Your Nose Shape Says About Your 40s

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Each of us has a unique face. Our features don’t match with anyone. An interesting fact says that each of your facial features says something about you astrologically. They have a direct impact on your physical health, personality and your life in general. Palmistry, face reading, astrology many times have been successful in predicting a person’s life, health and wealth. It is though an interesting subject in general here we are specifically going to encounter the facial feature especially the nose. 

According to Jean Haner who is an expert in facial reading says that a person’s forehead reveals about one’s 20s, eyes say about your 30s, mouth about 50s, chin about 60s and jaw relates to your 70s. Not to miss, your nose recites about your 40s. They reveal some of the facts about your life. According to Chinese face readings, your nose is responsible for your destiny. Your nose also says a lot about the overall potential that you can achieve in your life. Let’s find out more about how the nose plays an important role in predicting one’s destiny:

If your nose is a little large or plump and doesn’t have a bump on the bridge:

Well, your 40s is your golden time and very powerful. This type of nose means that you are a perfectionist and want everything to be prim and proper. This in turn, makes you a workaholic. You are too gracious and mannered when it is about dealing with people. 


If you have a bony nose much larger than your other features:

A large nose means a perfectionist and your 40s will be your brightest time. The boniness also means that you tend to hold onto things and don’t want to let them go. You can also sense the energies of the people around you and it is exhausting. Hence, you like to be alone. 

If your nose is on the larger side and is plump:

You are an easy-going personality and like to enjoy every moment of life. They will spend their hard-earned money on leisure and enjoyment. They have creative minds and like to collect fine art. Since the 40s is your bright time, you will collect even more items like a house or a car. 

If you have a small nose:

A small nose is a sign that your 40s will not be a wonderful time for you. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be that bad. They are efficient by nature and are smart workers rather than being hard workers. They aren’t very ‘things in the right place’ types but are also not that sloppy. People with large noses do get on their nerves easily because large-nose chaps just can’t let things go. 


If you have a soft petite nose:

The soft nose is a sign that you are soft, kind and like to enjoy life to its fullest. They are more settled when it comes to family and children. They will have an easy 40s but not that powerful. It’s going to be a cakewalk.


If your nose is medium-sized and doesn’t have a bump:

You are the one who will be able to achieve easily. Chinese face reading says that it is the perfect nose and will have a positive time in their 40s.

If your nose has a turned-up tip:

It is a clear sign of you being a sentimental person. They love their family and friends a lot and are always very kind and generous towards them. The second half of your 40s will be your bright time. 

If your nose hooks down at the end:

This type of nose means you will slow down a bit by the end of your 40s. Pushing yourself and working hard will might pay you back during the last couple of years of your 40s.

If the tip of your nose is extended more than the usual:

This means that the last years of your 40s will be full of surprises. The nose being a little bonnier means you are a perfectionist. 

If you have a cleft nose:

Having a little dent at the tip of your nose means that you are an open-hearted kind person. You rely on people very easily and end up being hurt by them. The last few years of your 40s can be a rough time for you, but you will be able to make it fine at the end. 

If you have a crooked nose:

The 40s is going to be a little hard on you. But you are a person that learns from the mistakes and hard times make you a better person. If your crooked is the result of an accident, that just changes your destiny but for the positive. By your 40s you are going to on the top. 

If you have a horizontal line across your nose towards the tip:

Your 40s will your life-changing decade. It can either be positive or negative but it will be a life-changing event.

If you have a bulbous tip at the end of your nose:

You like to live each moment to its fullest. You like to enjoy your life and don’t like to think about the repercussions of anything, that makes you easy-going. Your 40s is going to be a joyful time and you’ll likely to have a lot going for yourself at that time. 


If you have a pointed tip:

You are fascinated with life. This type of nose symbolizes excitement, passion, joy, and fun. Your 40s will be your joyous decade. 

If you have a diamond-shaped nose:

Your second half of the 40s will be more powerful than the first, both in career opportunities and personal front. You are an explorer and like to have fun. You are too curious to know about other people’s lives. 

If you have a visible nostril if you are looking straight forward:

This is a sign that you like to spend a lot. 

If you have a tiny hidden nostril:

Hidden nostrils mean that you are a good keeper of your money. You spend wisely.

If you have nostrils that you can see just a bit:

You don’t spend too much or too little. 

Nose recites the story of your 40s. Try it then believe it. 

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