With the pandemic creating havoc in our lives do you know what to do when feeling burnt out ? companies trying hard to restructure their employees and work strategies, more and more people are facing burnout. Burnout is a situation of extreme physical and mental exhaustion that happens while you’re at work, affecting your productivity and performance in general. 

Burnouts can be caused due to several reasons, work stress being one. Feeling burnt out is quite common these days but there are ways to treat it. 

Some people think that they are feeling burnt out at work because they are not suited for the job. While it might be true for some people, more often than not, it’s not true for everyone. 

Some people tend to analyze their burnouts in the wrong manner and give up on their dream jobs. Just because someone is feeling burnt out and depressed doesn’t mean that they don’t love your job. It’s like you can get bored from playing your favorite sport- and let’s accept even our favorite work isn’t half as enjoyable.

With peer pressure and managers and bosses having unrealistic expectations- it becomes very easy for youngsters to suffer from burn out or work fatigue.

They do love what they do but sometimes things get out of control, which is also normal. In this article, we’ll talk about the ways that are going to prevent your mind from feeling burnt out. Read along to know more! 

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What to do when feeling burnt out ? 6 Hacks

1. Address and accept the prblem 

The first step of solving any problem is to acknowledge its presence and if you’re aware that you’re feeling burnt out, that’s going to be the first step towards your progress. To be able to determine, you’ve got to notice some symptoms in your body.

 According to feeling burnt out on Reddit search, some common symptoms are you would feel extremely tired all the time, irrespective of whether you have a huge workload or not. Lack of focus, short temper, anger, depression, etc, are some other signs that might help you understand the same. 

What To Do When Feeling Burnt Out

When you’re feeling burnout, you would not want to wake up every morning looking forward to the work you do. Instead, you would prefer to be in bed all day long because of your constant fatigue. 

If you’ve been experiencing or noticing any of these things, there are high chances that your relationship with your work is not normal and you need some modifications to make to get back to the previous headspace that you were in. 

2. Talk to someone from work 

Not talking about your burnout would only result in making things worse. You have to open up and be frank with someone from work. Talk to your colleague, your boss, or your HR manager and let them know that you’re feeling burnt out at work and you need some changes in your work routine. 

You could ask them to let you look at newer avenues, free you from a shift, or just take a couple of days off.

 The best way to go about making things better for yourself is to speak the truth and ask for what you need. If your employer is good, you’re going to be heard and it’s going to be a smooth shift. 

Remember, it’s not going to be easy talking about your momentary inabilities to someone from work but you would still have to do it if you want to make things better. 

3. Take a break 

What To Do When Feeling Burnt Out

As far as feeling burnt out, Reddit users are concerned, it’s essential to rewind and take a break to prevent yourself from experiencing it. If you overburden yourself with work, without taking some time off for yourself, the stress is going to build up and you would surely end up feeling burnt out. It has been proven that vacations can help sustain your productivity and even make it better. 

There’s nothing wrong with asking for the breaks that you deserve after months of hard work. These vacations are important for you to reflect on yourself and your lifestyle so that you’re able to make necessary changes when you get back. 

4. Be practical 

The key to having a successful work-life and preventing feeling burnt out is practicality. You’ve got to be aware of your limits instead of pushing harder. It’s true that a driving force is important to bring out the best in you but that works only until your work doesn’t hamper your mental health.

 You have to learn to say no, in circumstances that demand more from you than you’ll be able to give. You shouldn’t ever commit to unrealistic goals and aspirations, while at work. 

Set realistic deadlines and complete your work accordingly, so that you’re able to manage your time well. It’s vital to keep your work away from your personal time and this can be done only if you’re practical enough. 

5. Recollect the purpose 

One of the most important steps to avoid feeling burnt out at work is to recall why you do what you do and what motivated you to choose your job. More often than not, people feel burnt out after a point because they tend to stray further away from the reason why they started. 

They tend to get distanced from their initial passions. Thus, it’s important to look back and reflect on your dreams to regain your motivation. 

6. Seek help 

Work can get really overwhelming at times followed by feeling burnt out and depressed. If you cannot solve your issues on your own, you should seek professional help to get back to the grind again. 

Talking to a professional can go a long way in making you realize the loopholes that you’ve not been paying adequate attention to. Try regular therapy to feel and function better with time. 


We have talked about some of the most basic ways to avoid feeling burnt out at work and how to deal with it. While the process of coming out of it might seem too hard to overcome at first but with time, you’re going to understand the causes of your burnout and learn to handle them in a better way to curb them from recurring. 

Maintaining a proper work-life balance is the key to sustaining both your physical, as well as mental health. 

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