What Are The Various Types Of Cancers In Young Adults

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types of cancer in young adults
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Today’s youth is a fast hurling one, and there’s nothing that can stop their pace. But wait before you move that fast, a disease can definitely stop you up! and that is cancer and there are many types of cancer. These days we are so messed up in the fast-paced work surroundings that we hardly extract anytime to look towards our body needs. We always avoid getting our regular checkups done on top of which we tend to consume adulterated foods as well as inhabit an impure environment. Where will all this lead to??? Wait, stop and introspect! 

According to a survey “Most of the time, youth gets caught up in cancer’s trap just because they keep ignoring regular body checkups accompanied by an unhealthy lifestyle. “

Understanding Young Adult Cancer

types of cancer

It is defined as any type of cancer that ails the patient between the age group of 20-39 years. Generally, youth is never associated with the term cancer but there are some of its vivid types that occur in young adults more often treating which can be one hell of a hectic task! 

Common Cancers That Are Common In Youth Throng

  • Breast cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Cervix and Ovarian Cancer
  • Thyroid cancer 
  • Cervical cancer

Having listed all these common types of cancers, we hereby explain the facts, and reasons behind these cancers:

1. Breast Cancer

You may experience the existence of a new lump in a certain area of your body. This lump doesn’t cause any pain and is hard as compared to its texture. But in some cases, women have experienced a softer lump too. Some other symptoms may also show up, like swollen breasts, or thick skin around it. At times, you may experience a liquid discharge from your breasts other than milk. The nipple may change slightly too. So, if you are undergoing such changes in your body, doctor consultation is a must! 

types of cancers in young adults

2. Melanoma

A rare type of cancer that is caused by human skin. It is extremely common in women who have attained the age group of young adults which is 20-39. Often it has been found to be a genetic issue. Its symptoms are inclusive of spots on the skin. These spots may keep on altering their size, shape, and color. So, any spot alien to the others present in your body by birth can be an early sign for you to consult a doctor. Curing it is quite easy if it is diagnosed at an early stage. But once metastasized, it may worsen enough to be cured. 

types of cancer

3. Cervix and Ovarian Cancer

Generally, it comes anyone’s way in the mid-session of life. Most of them are cured by early screening. Even they can be treated well with HPV vaccines. The only obvious symptom of such a cancer is heavy bleeding from the vagina. Other symptoms are inclusive of a feeling of fullness and bloating. It may also cause abnormal belly pain and urinary issues. If any of these symptoms seem to last any longer than usual 5 days, rushing to a doctor would be a wise decision. 

types of cancer

4. Thyroid Cancer

Again, it is extremely commonly found in women aged as a young adult than in men of that age group. The easiest way to track it down is a lump that may occur in the throat, exactly where Adams Apple exists in men. It’s not necessary that it would be cancerous, but getting it checked with a doctor would be wise. A slight aching or swollen throat may be indicating the same. Voice change is one fine symptom to it too. 

types of cancer

5. Cervical Cancer

Young women are not prone to it as much as the older women are but yes the risk is still underlying. Owing to a survey report published by the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, it was found that 21% of women are exposed to cervical cancer who are below the age group of 30. HPV strains are found responsible to expose women to such a disease. But then, it’s prevention is always possible through the vaccination process. Also, cervical cells that hold abnormalcy can also be detected pap smears. All that is imperative is to catch it at an early stage. 

types of cancer

These above stated 5 cancers are the most commonly occurring ones in women who are young adults. As we can see all of these are inclusive of mild symptoms and are often unpredictable. So, a regular visit to your health practitioner is not something that’s optional and you afford only when you are ailing, rather it’s a necessity which you should follow as a punctual and stringent schedule. 

Stay healthy, stay watchful 👍

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