1 to 2 Weeks Pregnant

The happiest pair of two straight red lines is when it is shown on a pregnancy test kit. You might have just found out that you are pregnant. This pregnancy is surely good news but sometimes comes with the baggage of unawareness of what to expect when you are expecting. You may worry yourself to ensure everything is perfect and healthy for your baby.

We understand your concern and would like to guide you through this beautiful journey of turning to a mother from a woman. We are here as your alchemist who would guide you throughout your pregnancy with a detailed week by week pregnancy enchiridion. 

Pregnancy Week: 1 & 2

These are the initial weeks of pregnancy, the most fragile ones. You may need to hold your breath for what we are about to tell you. Ready?! Here it is, one week of pregnancy is not pregnant at all. 

Most OBs count the first day of your last period as Day 1 of your pregnancy. They do this because it is hard to pinpoint the exact timing of ovulation and conception taking place. Instead, they consider your period cycle for logging pregnancy weeks in a more standard measure. 

Pregnancy Symptoms For Week 1 And Week 2

These are the initial weeks of pregnancy and the symptoms during this period of 1 to 2 weeks pregnant are similar to that of periods. This is because you are not actually pregnant yet. The symptoms may last for about a few days and may include:

Pregnancy Week
Pregnancy Week

Vaginal Bleeding- The uterine lining starts to shred. This is one of the first signs of pregnancy symptoms of week 1 after conception. 

Lower back pain and cramps- This shredding of uterine lining causes the uterus to contract which leads to some discomfort in your back and abdomen consequentially.

Mood Swings- The surgical strike of your hormones creates upheaval on your emotions. You can feel extremely overwhelmed at one moment and overjoyed at another, so don’t stress yourself about this as it is very common to occur.

Bloating- Yet again hormones are to be blamed for this. The incessant fluctuations in hormones can provide you with a bloated belly during or before your periods.

Headache-  This aces the list when it comes to 1 to 2 weeks pregnant symptoms. Pregnant women can experience menstrual migraines that are caused by hormonal changes. All those Hindi tv serials must be making some sense now?  

Change in body temperature- The bun in your oven might be causing some rapid changes in your body temperature. Your basal body temperature drops to its lowest right before the moment you ovulate and spikes up half a degree immediately after ovulation happens. 

Increased cervical mucus- The most obvious pregnancy symptom of week 2 is the change in the discharge of cervical mucus. The consistency of cervical mucus changes from week to week during this whole process. 

As you step towards your pregnant days, your cervical mucus discharge would change its texture from being a thick, sticky, and creamy to more in volume and cloudy. Tracking a change in cervical mucus discharge can easily tell you that you might be 1 to 2 weeks pregnant.

Sore breasts- Soon after the first week of conception, sometimes your breasts might show a symptom too. They will become sore, tender, or tingly. The color of nipples may also become darker.

Fatigue- After the big O moment has happened, your body might constantly feel tired. This happens due to the surge in progesterone that can even put you to sleep when running high.

Nausea- A pregnant woman can feel nauseous all the time. This can happen as both vomiting or without vomiting. This is the reason behind the infamous morning sickness during pregnancy. Don’t let the term misguide you, morning sickness doesn’t happen only during morning time. It can happen around any time of the day. 

Food cravings– Along with mood swings come incessant food cravings. In the initial foundational period of pregnancy, i.e. 1 to 2 weeks pregnant, pregnant women find themselves craving certain food items like coffee or fried foods. These odd cravings yet again occur due to hormonal changes in the body.  

Week 1 and Week 2 Ultrasound

Getting an ultrasound for 1 week of pregnancy is unlikely since you are not pregnant yet. Although, if you have been trying to get pregnant for a while and have been tracking the same, you can get an ultrasound check for fibroids. This ultrasound will indicate how many follicles that grow into eggs eventually are present in your ovaries.

Week 1 And Week 2
Week 1 And Week 2

Their presence is important to gauge the thickness of your uterine lining. In case, if any problems occur, the doctor can prescribe you a fertility medication to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. 

Some Self-Care Tips for Pregnancy

To make your womb more hospitable and nourishing for your baby you may need to make a few changes in your current lifestyle. 

Evaluate your nutrition

The key to having a healthy complication-free pregnancy is consuming a full of nutrition and a balanced diet. Doing so will provide your body with all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that you need for you and your baby. You need to have a balanced diet as now you would be consuming food not just for yourself but also for your baby. A balanced diet would provide you with great exuberance and the ability to keep pregnancy discomforts away at bay. 

The initial stages of being 1 to 2 weeks pregnant can mold the future of the baby. Thus, having a proper diet will manipulate the baby’s future health in a good way. 

Take supplements 

Pregnancy requires extra TLC and nutrition. Nothing about the pregnancy can be remotely similar to your regular days. It is important to live and balance these extra tiring, discomforting, and moody days with everything extra good. The same applies to your diet as well.

Taking supplements like Folate will benefit your body and provide that extra care that your body needs. Folate is naturally found in food that has Vitamin B9 in it. Folate is an essential requirement for a healthy pregnancy. 

It is advised to start taking supplements by consulting your doctor. 

Change to a healthy lifestyle

Enough with the extras, pregnancy also demands a few things to ‘lessen’ from your regular routine. It demands to get rid of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs. Consuming these can hamper your pregnancy and also your child’s health. It can cause genetic disorders, low birth rates, or other grave health issues.

So, with good news around the corner, many congratulations and happy pregnancy from all of us at The Voice of Woman. 

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