The world is full of unseen germs that may or may not be harmful to us humans. Sounds scary, right? Well, say thanks to the most natural defense system that your body has – the immune system. 

The immune system is what keeps you safe and protected from possible infection by viruses, bacteria, etc. around you. But do you often come down with a fever, common cold, or experience any other health issue more than usual?

You may have a weak immune system. Don’t get too alarmed right now because there are several possibilities of why you may have a compromised immune system. So, to clear all your doubts, we are here with the vital information that is necessary to know all about a weak immune system.

What is the Immune System?

Our immune system consists of a network of organs, tissues, cells, and special proteins that protects us from a long list of pathogens. Spleen, thymus, bone marrow, lymph nodes are a part of your immune system. These parts of the immune system produce lymphocytes consisting of white blood cells. 

It is the white blood cells that detect any possible pathogenic invader in your body and kill. The white blood cells spread throughout our body with the help of the lymphatic vessels, a part of the lymphatic system. When your body doesn’t seem to recognize and kill off the pathogens, it is because of a compromised immune system or weak immune system.

What are the Causes of Weak Immune System?

Some individuals are born with a weak immune system, which is also known as primary immune deficiency disorder. Some individuals suffer from a weak immune system due to some other underlying disease, which is known as secondary immune deficiency disorder.

Primary immune deficiency

Primary immune deficiency is a genetic defect that gets passed down to future generations. There are more than 300 primary immune deficiency diseases as of now. 

Secondary immune deficiency

Secondary immune deficiency occurs only when the person is suffering from health issues such as HIV, AIDS, cancer, diabetes, malnutrition, etc. Apart from these, a person may seem to have a weak immune system due to the effect of a particular medication or treatment and sometimes due to the progressing age.

Such people have a perfectly normal immune system by birth.

What are symptoms of weak immune system?

Here are a few signs of how you can identify a weak immune system. 

A weak tummy

Do you often find yourself cancelling your plans due to stomach issues such as diarrhea, gas, bloating? Or do you feel nauseated from time to time? Well, if yes, then you may have a weak digestive system. 

A weak digestive system is one of the immune system disorder symptoms. So, if you notice that you have a chronic digestion problem then, it may be due to a compromised immune system. 

Your wounds take a lot of time to heal

Our immune system has a considerable impact on how fast our wounds heal by itself. So, it is apparent that with a compromised immune system, if you end up with any wound, it will take a longer time to heal than usual. 

The cells that are a part of our immune system play the most important role in the healing process.

You are more susceptible to infections than other people

One of the significant immune system disorder symptoms is slow-healing wounds. So, what happens when you have a wound that heals slowly? It becomes more prone to getting infected, slowing down the healing process further.

Causes of Weak Immune System
Causes of Weak Immune System

Apart from this, with or without a wound, you are prone to infections of the intestines, ear, skin, eyes, and so on if you have a weak immune system. 

You come down with the common cold often 

We all fall sick with the common cold when there is a change in the weather abruptly. But when a person comes down with a common cold with no apparent reason, it is mostly because of a weak immune system.

How to Boost Your Natural Defense System?

The good thing about your immune system is, you can always boost it. Boosting your immune system is mostly all about leading a healthier lifestyle. Yes, you read it right! 

However, you have to be a little patient to reap the results of leading a healthy life that will make your immune system stronger. 

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Diet to Improve Your Weak Immune System

Here are a few changes that you can do to avoid a weak immune system. 

  • Include fruits, vegetables rich in nutrients, fibers, and antioxidants in your daily diet. Increase the intake of vitamin C, B and E consume the food that is rich in these vitamins. These vitamins can be considered as the vital factor to boost your immune system.
  • Include only the healthy fats and try to stay away from the bad fats.
  • Cut down your intake of carbonated drinks and juices with added sugar.
  • Include fermented food into your diet. Fermented food is known for its ability to boost our immune systems. This includes curd, fermented soybeans, etc.
  • Stay away from tobacco, nicotine and alcohol consumption.
Causes of Weak Immune System
Diet of Weak Immune System

Hydration is essential to help with a compromised immune system

It is a known fact that the human body comprises 70 per cent water. So, staying hydrated is a must at all times. However, drinking water doesn’t truly have any direct impacts on your immunity.

Take up mild exercise 

Studies show that performing exercises help boost your natural defense system, keeping you safe from the pathogenic attacks. Do keep in mind, not to overstress yourself with exercise. Apart from the conventional exercises, you can also try doing yoga that is also known to boost immunity.

Stay away from activities or work that stress you out

Our lives have become too hectic in the present world, with endless competitions. But if you have a compromised immune system, then it will be wise to stay from stressful situations. You must be thinking, it is easier said than done! Well, all we can say is, staying away from stress will put less strain on your body and mind, especially when you have a weak immune system. 

Bottom line 

So, these are a few facts that everyone should know about, especially if they think they have a weak immune system. To clarify your thoughts, visit your doctor for a quick diagnosis and evaluation.

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On a different note, with the current pandemic situation, take the vitamins C, B, and E without fail which is known to help with immunity. 

Take care🏶