Before getting into the exact topic, you should first understand everything about “Airbnb” and how exactly do they work! You know, for your better understanding!!

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb was started in the year 2008. Airbnb’s journey started when two designers hosted three travelers who were seeking a safe place to stay. Today, over millions of travelers as well as hosts decide to create a free Airbnb account, list out their space and finally book an exceptional accommodation. One can choose a place anywhere in the globe.

With Airbnb, an individual can make sharing not only easy but also safe and enjoyable. They check listings and personal profiles and provide a smart messaging system that allows guests and hosts to communicate with proper certainty and maintain a credible platform to transfer and collect payments. Despite being an excellent online marketplace connecting people who wish to rent out their places with individuals who are seeking accommodation, Airbnb holds both advantages and disadvantages as well.

So, let’s put some light on the positive side of Airbnb:

  • You have an ample selection, my friend!
  • As a host, you do not have to pay a penny for listing (listing includes written statement, user profile, and photographs with a caption, etc.)
  • Again, as a host, you are free to set a price for the place on your own
  • Guests can search a place with the help of various customized services
  • Guests can also enjoy various additional offers and services
  • Airbnb make sure the safety of both hosts and guests

So, all these were some of the advantages of Airbnb.

Well, like a coin has two sides, Airbnb have certain disadvantages as well:

  • Sometimes, what you see will not be what you acquire!
  • Hosts have the risk biggest risk- “Potential Damage of Their Property!”
  • Airbnb adds a lot of extra charges and fees
  • Hosts and guests belonging to Norway, Switzerland and the European Union are subject to VAT (value-added tax).
  • Airbnb are not legal everywhere. Yes, you read it right! There are some exceptions!!

Now that you are clear about Airbnb, their working, advantages, and disadvantages. Let’s get into our main topic! A couple namely, Simone and his wife Alice Cardillo, became preys of a holiday scam during their trip to Northern Ireland. The couple unknowingly booked and done full payment for the fake property through Airbnb. But it later returned their money and also removed that fake post. Both Simone and Alice Cardillo reached in Belfast but the couple found nothing but an empty accommodation that was for sale. 

The couple said that they sensed everything weird from the outside. They even rang the door but nobody really answered. In fact, it didn’t even seem like an Airbnb. Hence, the French couple called the host who was a woman. But the host herself was clueless about the situation. The couple was stranded and shocked to realize that they were actually scammed. This is not the first scam named after Airbnbs. Many earlier scams have effected a number of individuals from Northern Ireland who booked accommodation in foreign countries. So how do these scams actually take place? People behind these types of scams create whole new listings repeatedly which means more victims get entangled in the scam.


So, what is the bottom line? How can anyone avoid such kinds of scams?

Well, when you book a hotel/apartment and you are not sure about its existence, then you should consider checking it thoroughly. Try to search out addresses, examine the provided photographs and mainly check online reviews about the place. All these will provide you a clear picture of the accommodation.

We are living in a smart world, do not let any scam trap you!!!