The condition of your hair can greatly affect your mood for the day. If your morning with hair that feels soft and smells sweet, you will likely feel the happiness bubble under your skin. On the other hand, if your hair ends up greasy and sticky in the evening, your already exhausted body can feel even worse when you feel the strands clinging to your neck. This gets feeling increases if your hair gives off a bad odour too. Even if you have done your best to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, just the slightest bad smell from your hair can make you feel gross.

We usually take great pains to take care of our body and make sure that it smells its best. From scrubbing every inch of it to using the best perfumes, we do whatever it takes to feel clean. So why is it that we forget to do the same for our hair? Just like our body, our hair needs to smell good, too. Bad smelling hair might not be as noticeable to others as body odour is, but it can definitely put a damper on your energy. Humans are greatly attuned to scents, both mentally and emotionally. Detecting your favourite pleasant scents can transport us to our favourite memories and recreate the feelings of them.

Thus, knowing how to make your hair smell good naturally can affect the way you feel on a daily basis. If you have good smelling hair, especially one that smells like your favourite flower, or fruit, it will be as if you are carrying a warm memory with you wherever you go for the rest of the day. This good smelling hair will constantly act as a reminder of those past pleasant moments when you were surrounded by your favourite things and this will keep up your energy even in the most draining situations.

Why Does My Hair Smell Bad?

Hair odour is amongst the many hair problems that can affect your hair. Certain lifestyle habits and wrong hair products can make your hair smell bad even when you wash them on a regular basic. Before knowing how to make your hair smell good naturally, you have to first recognise the causes of it, so that you can avoid them as you work towards incorporating the solution. Here are a few possible reasons for bad hair odour:

Hair Smell Great
Hair Smell Great
  • Sweat is one of the major causes of hair odour. This could be a result of wearing hats and scarves for too long, which leads to a build-up of moisture on your scalp. If you tend to exercise a lot but not wash your hair properly, this could make it smell bad as well.
  • Washing your hair with water that’s too hot can strip your scalp of its natural oils and lead to the skin producing much more oil to make up for it, giving off an odour.
  • Certain unhealthy food habits, such as eating food with too much oil can make your skin secrete more oil Some of these foods are onions and garlic.
  • Other causes could be pollution, the use of hair masks with strong-smelling ingredients, using too many chemical hair products, etc.

Thus, if you recognize any of these actions amongst your own routine, you should probably consider putting an end to it. Just stopping unhealthy habits can make a huge difference in the intensity of hair odour. Along with this, practising a few additional ways to get good smelling hair will have you seeing obvious signs of improvement.

How To Make My Hair Smell Good?

Now that you know just which of your habits are the cause of your hair odour, you may be looking into a mirror, tugging at your strands, wondering, “How to make my hair smell good?”. Well, there are a lot of ways of doing this, both chemical and homemade. It depends on your level of trust and comfort with the product you choose.

Using chemical products can be tricky, especially they are the reason behind your odour. You may be scared or nervous to try out new ones, out of fear that you may end up doing even more damage. But worry not because, for every hair problem in existence, there are always endless natural hair remedies available. There are ways to get good smelling hair without having to take such a risk. We have gathered a few such methods for you, all of them being free of any synthetic ingredients. You can start with these to find the ones that suit your hair the best. 

Here are a few suggestions on how to make your hair smell good naturally:

Essential Oils

Adding essential oils to your shampoo can give your regular wash a boost because essential oils have a nice, soft smell. A few drops of scents such as those of sweet orange, vanilla, etc to your shampoo, or even your conditioner can give your hair a happy fragrance. 


Along with adding oils to your shampoo, using them to massage your hair is also one of the many ways to get good smelling hair. Oil such as jasmine oil can be massaged into your scalp and hair nicely and gently until all of it is properly absorbed. Leaving this overnight and then washing it in the morning will reduce much of your hair odour.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you have oily, greasy hair, then apple cider vinegar can be used to rinse the odour out of your scalp. Make a spray of apple cider vinegar by adding a couple of tablespoons of it in water to make a diluted solution. Then, after your regular hair wash is done, pour this mixture over your hair and carefully work into your scalp.

Then, after leaving it for around three to five minutes, wash it with plain water, using a light conditioner if necessary. Do not use ACV if you have extremely dry hair because it will strip the natural oils off your hair.

Aloe Vera

Another one of the ways to get good smelling hair is to use aloe vera gel and apply it on your scalp after you have finished shampooing. Then, leave it for around 15 to 20 minutes and wash it off with normal, plain water. You can do this once a week if it suits your hair.


Taking the pulp out of one big tomato and evenly applying it on your scalp can eradicate the odour because of tomato’s antimicrobial properties that destroy germs while lessening smell. Leave this pulp (mixed with water if you want) on for around 20 to 30 minutes and then rinse it off with water.


Knowing how to make your hair smell good naturally is not just limited to making changes in your hair washing habits. A few additions in your aftercare process can make a big difference, too. Spraying some rosewater on your hair as you leave your house for the day can give your hair that additional sweet smell. Rosewater has properties which soothe the irritated scalp, along with restoring pH balance, which in turn erases odour and replaces it with a nice scent.

Maintaining That Good Hair Smell

It is not just enough to use these solutions a few times if you are not consistent. Remember that hair odour is a result of a buildup of various causes over a period of time. Thus, it cannot be removed overnight or even within a few attempts. You have to make certain healthy changes in your overall self-care procedure, including the ways in which you treat your skin, body and mind because ultimately it is all connected.

Hair Smell Great
Hair Smell Great

Good smelling hair is a result of constant and continuous efforts that go on in spite of the occasional stumbles. Thus, take those small steps, try to eat better and avoid heating up your scalp too much. Know your hair type, know what products suit it best and give it your all to take care of it!

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