Have you been thinkin about the Ways To Feel Like Yourself ? Has the quarantine taken a troll on your mental health already? Do you feel tired and bored with your daily life, especially now when you’re isolated and locked inside your home; away from social gatherings? Or are you tired of yourself, your very own personality?

We understand how monotonous this life could get; your 9 to 5 job is sucking the energy out of you and sometimes you might feel that you are trapped in the body that you don’t recognize anymore. 

Maybe you have forgotten to live. You keep following the daily routine, same meal, the continuous cycle of “Eat, Sleep, Work and Repeat”. This loop has got you tied within a small boundary, you are not living your life, you are just surviving. No wonder this robotic lifestyle is making you feel down and dull about yourself. But we bring to you 11 effective ways that can make you feel like yourself again.

Effective Ways to Feel Like Yourself Again

Here the 11 most effective ways to feel like yourself again

1. Shopping

Well, what better way to cheer yourself again than to purchase new things for yourself. Change your whole wardrobe, check out some latest fashion magazines. If you are a Shopaholic this is your key to revive your soul that is getting old. Rush to the nearest mall with ‘Sale ’and grab a few outfits, try them on, you will be surprised to notice that you still look beautiful. 


In this depressing season of lockdown, you can opt for online shopping. There are numerous websites with wonderful choices of clothes and accessories that are easy on your pocket and appealing to your soul and body. 

‘Shopping’ reduces stress and it is a healthy distraction and one of the best ways to feel like yourself again. The fun you have in the changing rooms while trying all the outfits, yes; you can rock any look. 

Street shopping is another budget-friendly option, especially if you stay in Mumbai or Delhi. You can haul the Colaba market, Linking Road in Mumbai or Palika Bazaar or Sarojini Market in Delhi. They are a dream come true; a bliss for Shopaholics.

2. Go out

Don’t just sit on your couch and watch Netflix or TV. Get out and socialize. Make new friends, meet people who are not in your circle; who are new to you. Take yourself out for movies, dinner, lunch or coffee. You don’t need a boyfriend or a husband to accompany you in this. Go to a bar, a club, girl’s entry is mostly free. 

Carry your favourite book to a park, go for trekking or a solo trip. This will give you an opportunity to learn new things, you might even meet interesting people, you will be enlightened by how beautiful this world is, And it is not that expensive. Plan your trip carefully and it will be cost-effective.

Watch a sunset or gaze at the stars late during nightfall, sleep on the rooftop, watch a shooting star pass by, meet your family, your relatives. Show them that you miss them, visit some places that you have been planning for years now. Go on a vacation, take some day off from work. You need to take care of yourself. After stepping out of the house you will realize what you were missing. This World is a huge place and there is always something interesting out there.

3. Read

Reading is the best habit that you can indulge in; it is cost-effective, soothing and calming. Nowadays you can read books on your phones or tablets. Just imagine yourself with a good book and a cup of hot tea or coffee on a rainy day.

It is true that books are your best friends. There is so much to learn from them, as you patiently flip through the pages of it; you understand the story, the idea, you relate with the protagonist. Books become your friend in need, a comfort zone you would never want to leave.

There are so many genres like Mystery, Horror, Romance to choose from. So wear those cute pyjamas and be ready to get lost in the magical world of your favorite story.

4. Beauty Treatment

Sometimes you might feel lost; you might be on the verge of a breakdown. You might have started to contradict yourself, clearly, you are not happy. The whole point of life seems cynical and you might be losing your mind over the tedious routine that you follow every day.

Well, you might be in the need of a little pampering. Go to a new salon and get a haircut. A beauty treatment doesn’t necessarily imply, spending 5000-10000 bucks on spa, massages, and hair color.

You can do something for your skin, hair and body at home. Make a paste of turmeric in milk or rose water and apply it for glowing skin. You can scrub your face with Aloe Vera for rejuvenation of the skin. Gently massage your face with olive oil to improve the blood circulation.

You can even buy some face masks and packs that would make your skin appear as fresh as new. Change your hairstyle or colour your hair at home using Hena or beetroot (works best for light and blonde hair). Give yourself a mini session of manicure and pedicure. Make your nails look pretty.

5. Exercise

This is probably the cheapest thing that can be done to make you feel like yourself again. You don’t have to go to the gym or buy dumbbells; start doing Abs, planks, crunches and a few push-ups, every day. You will get the toned figure you desire without spending a penny on the Gym membership.

You can watch YouTube for free of cost exercise tutorials and work out videos from homes. Exercise will calm your mind and make you feel confident about your body as well. You will feel fit and fine, and you will be able to concentrate on your work again. If you play sports, now will be the time to reconnect with it. Channel all your energy and anger into this. It will be a healthy distraction that will benefit your body in the long run.

Meditation can be very helpful. It can make your mind more powerful. Your whole perception of the World may change because of yoga and meditation, you might find your peace in the Pranayams. Go for cycling, it is good for your health and it will give you enough time to think. You can even go for a long drive in your car; the feeling is amazing.

6. Cooking

This is another easy way to make your soul happy and content. A happy meal is your key to achieve a sharp mind. If you are staying in a hostel or a PG or in a flat alone, we understand that you don’t get enough time to cook. 

You probably miss your mother’s food and rely solely on Tiffin service or canned and processed food. Well, here is an idea, why don’t you start cooking on weekends and try to take out some time on the weekdays so that you are able to cook at least one meal of the day.

I am sure you will find yourself again in the aroma of spices or the lip-smacking delicacies that will remind you of your childhood days. You can call your mother and ask for her recipes, she will be delighted to help.

Cooking is a great way to balance out the negativity and unrelated dramas of every day. You can cook all your favourite food and indulge in the savoury if it, forgetting the troubles and distress.

7. Bath

This is scientifically proven that long baths are relaxing in nature. Just use some strong and natural fragrance of body soap and body wash, put on some music and relax in your bathtub.

Long baths before sleeping will help your body to recover from the traumas and the hassle of the whole day, the incomplete assignments, insensitive comments, workloads and many more. It will help you in getting a good night’s sleep.

8. Music

Talking about finding the lost soul and peace of mind, and not mentioning music is ludicrous. This method of reviving your mind and body is absolutely free. 

Put on some good music of your choice and hymn to it. I am sure you will forget all the worries and your feet will start tapping to the rhythm of the beat you are listening and enjoying.

If you play an instrument; this is the time to reconnect with it. Don’t let your guitar or violin or piano get rusted in some corner of your house. Start playing it again. 

9. Be Creative

You can indulge in some childhood activities like painting and art. Paint a wall of your room or house. Art is a mental therapy that could help you in coping with the monotonous legacy and boredom. 

You can even play video games if you like, create something like a sketch, the whole canvas is there to paint. 

Write a new story, start updating your journal, click photos and share them on Facebook or Instagram. Dancing is also a great way to lose stress. It is a good form of exercise and happy feet means a happy mind.

10. Cleaning

This may sound strange but some people find solace in cleaning and organizing. These people are very specific and particular about things. Arranging a messy room or a cluttered makeup stack is what makes them unhappy.

Cleaning provides them with a sense of relief and accomplishment. Try redecorating your room or house, maybe a shift in the furniture, or a new plant for your balcony or room. This could change your outlook and view of life; a different arrangement of things is very helpful. After all, changes are what we are looking for.

11. Gardening

A very efficient way to transform your withering soul and mind to make it interesting again is gardening. Create a little kitchen garden for yourself. Pay attention to the potted plants and you will realize how much you can care. 

You can plant some vegetables like tomatoes, chilli, capsicum etc. on your balcony or terrace; if possible plant a tree. Do something for Mother Nature.

Plant some beautiful flowers and see them bloom. Learn how difficult yet satisfying it is to grow a plant; you take care of it like your own child. A test of perseverance that will lead to a feeling of fulfilment about your dull and tedious life. After all, the fruit of hard work is sweet and fair.

Connect To Your Soul

These are a few things that you can do to make yourself alive again. Life is too short to worry or be sad about temporary things. You have to embrace the fact that life will not always be fair, but you have to be strong and keep breathing. 

Try new things and observe how it changes your whole perspective. Reach every part of your soul; connect from within.

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