The Vacuum butt therapy cosmetic industry has been booming for around a decade now and we see the results daily on all social media platforms from the famous Kardashians and Jenners to social media influencers. Even young people, early in their young adulthood are turning to body contouring procedures to get the body the society idealizes. Among all the body contouring procedures, butt lifting has been gaining immense popularity. In the United States of America, a fifty percent hike has been noticed in patients consulting for butt lifting treatments. However, it is also worth bearing in mind that butt lifting through surgical procedures like that of the traditional Brazilian butt lift procedure has the highest rate of side effects and is noted as one of the procedures with the highest probabilities of producing botched results. Not to mention that it is also extremely expensive.

On the other hand, people’s wishes of getting a butt lift are constantly on the rise which has brought another procedure in the market of the cosmetic industry primarily focusing on body contouring. This technique known as the vacuum buttock therapy is an inexpensive and non-surgical procedure that promises to give the right lift to your butt. Knowing that it is a non-surgical procedure, many people might be inclined to getting the vacuum butt therapy, but there are many things one must consider before deciding to go ahead with the process. For more, keep reading ahead!

What is Vacuum Butt Therapy?

Vacuum butt therapy also is known as depressomassage and vacuotherapy is a non-surgical butt lifting method. In actuality, it is a non-invasive technique that helps in toning down the muscles of the butt to give it a more defined look. It is a massaging technique where two suction cups are manipulated and moved around the buttock area to provide more definition and toning to the entire area.

Vacuum butt therapy helps in flushing out the toxins, by improving the lymphatic drainage system of the body. It stimulates the muscles, breaks the fat deposits, and also promises to remove cellulite. It stimulates the hypodermis and as a result of the combination of these effects, there appears a more defined, toned, firmer, and tighter butt. Some experts believe that vacuum butt therapy lifts the butt by an astounding seventy percent and also provides immediate and instantaneous results.

Vacuum Butt Therapy Side Effects

The best part about vacuum butt therapy is that it is non-surgical and does not require any incisions in your body, neither does it require any silicone injections in your butt area. Hence, there are no rare chances of getting a botched result. The side effects are negligible and mostly include swelling, pain, and bruising. The side effects vary from individual to individual and depend on the muscle tightness of the person. The side effects also perish away very soon.

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Vacuum Butt Therapy Side Effects

Each session is equivalent to doing fifteen hundred squats, hence you will be left sore and tired after each session of vacuum butt therapy.

Vacuum Butt Therapy Cost

Vacuum butt therapy provides immediate results of a more toned, smoother, and firm butt. It is non-invasive as well, hence, it is inexpensive as compared to surgical procedures. Each session of the vacuum butt therapy can cost anywhere between a hundred to hundred fifty US dollars. To get results one needs anywhere between eight to twelve sessions. The results may be visible within four weeks for people having tighter muscles in their buttock area whereas for people having lower muscle activity and loose muscles the results might take at least eight weeks to become visible.

Even though vacuum butt therapy costs less than other traditional methods and procedures of butt lifting, it is a procedure that requires maintenance. Hence, the procedure might need to be done repeatedly over a period of time to maintain a uniformity of the body structure. Similarly, to not let the results perish away sooner, a clean diet along with regular exercise is recommended. When we say regular exercise, we mean doing around fifteen hundred squats daily.

Science of Vacuum Butt Therapy

Though vacuum butt therapy has some very promising claims to make, there exists no scientific evidence to prove how genuine and real this procedure is. There is a research gap when it comes to the results of vacuum butt therapy. There are opinions by experts that indicate that the results of vacuum butt therapy procedures are largely temporary and the effects are minimal. However, vacuum butt therapy is recommended after more invasive procedures like that of liposuction.

What you need to keep in mind before trying?

Vacuum butt therapy sounds all amazing and interesting on paper but there is no science backing the results and effects of the procedure. It is cheap and costs way less as compared to other butt lift procedures but the results may be temporary, hence one needs to go under the procedure multiple times to maintain the result over time. It requires motivation and a strong will. You will have to dedicate yourself to a very clean and healthy diet and lifestyle of exercising and maintaining other healthy habits.

Make sure to reach out to board-certified professionals before nodding in for the treatment. Consult with your doctor if you are an eligible candidate for the procedure. And, before undergoing the treatment, consult every little doubt and query that you may have with your expert. Do not shy away from asking questions of all types ranging from the pain to the effect on your pocket when paying for a procedure that is nothing but long term.

Although vacuum butt therapy intends to give you a butt lift, it is nonetheless a great massage procedure that will leave you relaxed and stress-free. You are required to drink one gallon of water on the day of the procedure so that all the toxins from your body can be flushed out. So, even though the results of the butt lift may be impermanent, vacuum butt therapy does sound like a healthy procedure that gives you a firmer backside with less visible cellulite and flushes out all toxins from your body. Although the procedure requires long term commitment if you are looking to get a butt lift, this vacuum butt therapy is worth trying once at least! 

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