10 Unique Designs From The Past: Old Is Gold

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Supriya Singh
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It is midway 2020, and we are advancing towards the future with the introduction of new technology, making our lives easier, experimentation in the fashion and makeup world, giving us a range of options in the beauty section to try. However, there are certain things and designs from the past that can never be replaced because of its uniqueness. 

The thing about designs in any industry is that after every few years it changes – some fade away, some make a comeback and some stay in style forever. Today, here we will be sharing about a few designs from the past that always have beaten any modern-day design and will continue to do so. 

Moreover, many of you may also love to decorate your surroundings with collectives that have unique designs from the past. Well, you are in here for a treat, because you will definitely find here some pretty unique designs from the past to try.

Lava lamps

You may have seen this lamp in several movies or series with a retro theme. The lava lamp was created by the British inventor Edward Craven Walker. If you have a love for room decor, then you must have a weakness for pretty lamps. 

Though there are thousands of lamp designs in the market, you can get a lava lamp as it is one of the popular vintage designs from the past to keep near your bed. Enjoy an evening and night that gives a funky and retro vibe.

Photo lockets

We ladies do love our jewelry and accessories, don’t we? One of the most recent jewelry trends that have been going around for considerable time is the layered neckpieces. Those sleek accessories are indeed a pretty sight!

Another such pretty accessory design from the past that we all have forgotten is photo lockets. Photo lockets make the perfect gift for loved ones as well. It is true that finding a beautiful photo locket will be difficult now, but if you do find it, you must keep it.

Rocking chair

Rocking chairs are another great way to try vintage designs from the past. The great part about rocking chairs is you will surely enjoy sitting and maybe even fall asleep. If you are the 90s or 80s born person, then you may remember seeing or even sitting on such a chair. 

If yes, you can keep a rocking chair now in your house also for the sake of nostalgia. Most importantly, adding a rocking chair to your humble abode will increase the aesthetics.

Pendulum clocks

The world is moving at a rapid pace on all levels. Now, we have smart wrist watches that can monitor our health stats, and we can even pick up calls from these. Crazy ha! Who knew that we would be receiving phone calls and even messages with wristwatches! 

Well, keeping the wonders of tech aside, if you have been wondering about unique designs from the past to try you can get a pendulum clock. Well, of course, you won’t be able to wear it! But this will give your wall an antique look.

Along with this, another clock design from the past that is totally unique is the cuckoo clocks. Cuckoo clocks are a thing that we have stopped using for quite some time now.

Photo albums

The world has become a digital destination now. Gone are the days, when we used to buy camera rolls to click pictures, giving the camera roll for processing, and then finally storing the printed photos in photo albums. Another one of the most precious vintage items that we no longer buy is photo albums.

The charm and personal touch of photo albums were pretty different and special. Even today, when we feel low, we take out our old photo albums that contain photographs of our childhood, our parents, and our extended family members. 

It is true that keeping photo albums occupies space in your house but it comprises the memories that have been captured in those photographs, and that is something worth keeping!

Pocket watches

Pocket watches look exquisite and historical, are we right or what? The pocket watch was first invented by Peter Heinlein in 1510 in Germany. A pocket watch can make a wonderful gift for someone who loves to collect vintage items or at least items with vintage design.

Floral teapots

This is another one of the most popular designs from the past that we are still in love with. Regular teapots are available in the market now as well but the beauty of this vintage design is incomparable. 

Room dividers

Room dividers are furniture that holds designs from the past, more like centuries old. We no longer get to see room dividers anywhere. Nowadays, we build closets along with changing rooms, which is practical indeed. 

However, room dividers take the ambiance of the room to the next level- Sophisticated and antique. 

Soap containers

There was a time when people used only soap while bathing. Along with soaps, we all have used soap containers, especially while traveling. But have you seen metallic soap containers?? Sounds and looks fancy right? 

These containers are a rare find now, so next time you see such vintage items, we say keep one for yourself!

Chandelier lights

Chandelier lights were invented in medieval times and its beauty is captivating. In today’s time, we all are shifting our choices to bring more efficient energy-saving lights like led, smart bulbs, and so on. 

Keeping this point aside, chandelier lights will surely count as one of the unique designs from the past that you can use to decorate your home. 

So, these are 10 designs from the past encompassing different items that we use or haven’t used in our lives. Apart from there are many other such things with designs from the days of yore. Some of the items that we mentioned are still available in the market and many of us even have or use them. 

How many of these items from the past do you own? Moreover, such items with unique designs from the past are also often handed down the generations as family heirlooms like lockets, utensils. 

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