Do you crave sweets and salty foods? Is the bag of chips on the counter calling you? Every man and woman has food cravings, be it for sweet foods or saltier ones. The problem arises when these cravings become uncontrollable and out of hand, and a person tends to gain more calories and weight and unhealthy food choices because of the needs. 

Guide To Control Cravings

Today we bring nine healthy habits recommended by nutritionists which will help you to control and satiate your cravings for good:

1. Sleep

Sleep is an essential activity for the human body; it rejuvenates and refreshes the mind and body for regular work. According to research, a lack of sleep brings in cravings for sugary and fatty foods. Insufficient sleep boosts the hunger hormones in the body and also ignites the areas of the brain, which makes the body crave these fatty foods. Proper hours of sleep will not only refresh the mind and body but will also reduce the urge to want food.

2. Lesser Booze

Alcohol is another element that ignites the portions of the brain which crave fatty foods. Too much alcohol makes a person want calorie-rich food items like burgers, fries, pizza, or chips. It also increases the appetite and reduces the willpower of a person to control the cravings. A controlled or less intake of alcohol is necessary to satiate the cravings.

Control Cravings
Control Cravings

Healthier Alternative Of Cravings

If you have cravings for chocolate or sugary foods, opt for a healthier alternative and a food item that has less rich content to satiate that craving. As denying cravings will ultimately backfire one day and create an unhealthy relationship between the food and body, it is necessary to indulge in healthier alternatives to the desires. A person who is capable of managing their desires with healthier food choices is positive and always successful in achieving weight goals.

1. Opt for Dark

People always develop a chocolate craving; many people struggle a lot to manage the yearning and desire to eat something chocolaty. In such a case, to achieve that craving, you can opt for a low sugary chocolate bar that is rich in antioxidants. Dark chocolate has fewer calories and would also satiate the desire for having something chocolaty.

2. Alternative for Fast Food

You can satiate the craving for fast food by ordering something on a lower portion, like kids' meals. Mane kids meals or mini-meals have foods in lesser calorie content and smaller pieces of food. This way, you fulfilled your craving without compromising on the calorie intake. You can also opt for a burger or sandwich with a salad, fries, or soup. This is the safest alternative to dense, fast foods.

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3. Take Nuts

Whenever you have the craving to munch and crunch, opt for nuts rather than a bag of chips. Nuts like Almonds are healthy and can satiate cravings effectively, manage the waistline and also help you control the calorie count. An ounce of almonds has around 6 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber with 12 essential nutrients to give the body the required nutrition.

4. Opt for Guilt-free Ice Cream

Ice cream is a craver’s dream-everyone screams for ice cream! When you have that craving, go for two guilt-free flavors: Halo Top with two-ingredient banana ice cream. This combination has a lesser calorie count and also your body will have healthy food instead of creamy sweet ice cream.

Control Cravings
Control Cravings

5. Tame the Sweet Tooth

For the ones who have a sweet tooth and always have cravings for sugary foods, go for fresh fruits, dried nuts, and fruit, or a cup of sipping hot tea with honey. These delicious foods will satiate your sweet cravings and give your body much-needed peace. You can also opt for sugar-free gums, a chocolate-dipped fruit, or any date energy bar to satiate the sweet tooth.

6. Track the Intake

When you track your food intake, you manage your cravings well. Efficient tracking strengthens the brain and also helps you to realize the consequences of your needs. You can download apps that allow you to log in to the regular food and calorie intake and also help you to keep track of your activities throughout the day.

Cravings are very common, and almost more than 50% of people have them regularly. The key is to control and satiate the body and mind to stop or reduce the cravings or get healthy alternatives to them. Being aware of the food cravings and the trigger points of the desires makes it much easier to avoid and control them. Follow the tips mentioned above and take charge of your cravings easily!

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