It is uncanny but yes it’s true that handshakes have meanings and thus describes your relationship with the other person. There are many different types of handshakes and each handshake is worthy enough of categorizing a person’s nature and behavior. They are also a good way to build relationships.

To get a deeper grab on the handshake meanings and what they can actually tell you about the person, hop to the sections below.

The following will surely amaze you. 

Types Of Handshake

Below are the types of handshake:

Firm Handshake

A firm handshake is where the person holds the hand with power and energy. Here both can be referred to as the king of handshakes. It establishes a symbol of friendship and strength. A firm handshake shows respect and trust towards each other.

To have a good firm handshake, extend your right hand in advance. Hold the hand with a balanced firm grip. Don’t be too hard. And shake gently with a positive attitude. This type of handshake gives a sense of affirmation and a positive vibe and hence solidifies a good relationship. It also gives out a great impression of your confidence and ability. 

Sweaty Clammy

People sweat. That’s biological and natural. However, a sweaty handshake can have a different meaning. No matter how hot the weather is or how worked up the person is, he/she does not normally have sweaty palms. A sweaty handshake indicates a nerve-wracking person. The nervous system of a scared person becomes overactive and results in an excess amount of sweat excretion all over the body including the palms.

One should always have a dry and clean handshake irrespective of how worried or tensed the person is. Doing so will project an impression of a confident human being. 

Dead Hand (Dead Fish)

Do not get bewildered here, you are definitely not shaking your hand with a dead person but this is one of those handshake types where the relationship has a dead end. In this type of handshake, there is no power, no enthusiasm, no interest, no love or respect. Just a slight touch. This handshake barely qualifies to be a handshake.

In this type of handshake, the person is clearly demonstrating the fact that he or she might be suffering from low self-esteem. In this type of handshake, there will be no establishment of any kind of relationship and brings negativity to each other. It is also known as a dead fish handshake. 

Quick Sneak

Quick sneak is one of those handshake types where the person is clearly trying to avoid you. Here the act is done at a very fast pace. A quick handshake is basically done just for the sake of their social status. This type of handshake conveys that the person is either angry with you, hates you, or jealous of you.

The person with a quick sneak handshake states the statement that the other person has a lower value. This can be a cause of either an inferiority complex or a superiority complex. If the person is suffering from an inferiority complex he or she will definitely try to compete with you or otherwise if he/she is suffering from a superiority complex, they will not provide you with much importance. 

Handshake With Both Hands 

Have you ever experienced a handshake with both hands? If you have, you must know the feeling you got right away. A handshake with two hands gives the gesture of trust and warmth. It establishes a friendship and an unbreakable bond. Its aura automatically brings a big beautiful smile on the face.

This type of handshake is quite often seen among the politicians of a country or the leaders of different countries. A handshake with both the hands demonstrates a good and happy deal among both parties. 

Bossy Handshake

A bossy handshake is a type of handshake where the person, on the other end, has the habit of dominating. He or she believes that the whole world runs according to their words and hence will try to control you too. Here the controller will pull the hand towards himself and that’s the trigger to identify the bossy attitude.

Types Of Handshake

In this type of handshake, the controller will not even give you the chance to speak up. He will right away shoot his own opinions and set out some ground rules. A bossy handshake does not build up a healthy relationship since one will always try to dominate the other. 

Bone Crusher

A firm handshake is good but one should not be too firm. As the proverb states, “too much of everything is bad”. The same thing applies here too. Being too hard on someone will surely hurt. You do not have to tolerate the bone crusher, simply remove the hand with a positive attitude.

The other person may not do it intentionally, but if it is done intentionally, then it is an obvious sign of hurting or torturing. Present yourself with optimistic behavior. Doing so will display your strength and hope, the other person will not intend to do it again.

Lobster Claw

The lobster claw is said when either of the person’s thumb and fingers touches the palm. The lobster claw is a type of holding hands which are said to be unbreakable. This type of handshake depicts an intense relationship between them and is received only by the special ones. It is an indication of love and intimacy towards each other. 

Distant Handshake

Here the person leads the hand wide open hence maintaining a certain distance from you. The person may be an introvert for which he or she tries to stay away from you. This is a sign of insecurity and suspicions. 

Top Hand Shaker

In this type of handshake, the person will move forward and will also initiate the handshake but there is a catch. He will lend out his hand horizontally and will keep his hand on top, his palm facing down. Top handed shake is similar to the bossy handshake. The top hander will try to impose a certain dominance over you. 

So there you go. The secret to all the types of handshakes is out. Follow up with the above-mentioned meaning of handshakes and create a great impression of yourself right on the first handshake. And also gather the knowledge about the nature and behavior of the person you are shaking hands with. Hope this page is helpful to you. 

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