Taking a walk has always been part of a simple exercise routine that you can do at home or on the go. But if you want to get the most out of it, you need to pay attention to its correct and unique ways. It may not be easy or simple if you walk for weight loss. You need a method that works most of the muscles in your body and helps you lose more weight. Fortunately, there are many simple ways to make your walks more beneficial by making them more effective. We are here with some best hacks to turn your walk into a workout.

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout

Below are some of the tips to turn your walk into a workout:

1. Fix your Route

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout
 Fix your Route

One of the essential hacks to turn your walk into a workout is to plan a route. By planning your schedule ahead of time, you can enjoy a more peaceful morning. You will be able to concentrate on breathing in the fresh air because you will know exactly where you are going. Identify a few routes that you can efficiently complete in fifteen minutes so that you do not have to waste time deciding which way to proceed. Consider the distance between the places, the destinations, and the sensory characteristics of the locations when making your plans.

2. Keep a Check on Your Pace

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout
 Keep a Check on Your Pace

If you want to burn more calories, it is necessary that you pay attention to your pace. A faster pace encourages your heart rate to rise, as well as the pressure on your leg muscles to increase. Increasing the speed of your walk will help you tone up and lose weight in the long run. A wearable device, such as a smartwatch, can assist you in keeping track of your pace and distance walked each day. You can turn your walk into a workout by increasing your pace.

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3. Right Gear

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout
Right Gear

The importance of going for a morning walk in the proper shoes and clothing is equal to the extent of going for a morning stroll. You will be more comfortable and raved about your daily walk or run if you are wearing the proper clothes and shoes. This is true whether you are light jogging, walking, or doing a walk/jog combo. Dress in clothes that are light and allow you to move freely around the room.

4. Warm Up

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout
 Warm Up

It is beneficial to the body to warm up before any form of exercise. It revitalizes both the body and the mind in preparation for the next workout. Warm-ups are especially important when the weather is cold in the winter. Depending on your health and preferences, you can perform 5- 15 minute warm-up exercises like stretching, ankle circles, swings, arm circles, and so on.

5. Walk up the Hill

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout
Walk up the Hill

It is more difficult to walk uphill or on an inclined surface because the calves, thighs, and glutes are put under additional strain. Walking uphill or changing the incline level of your home treadmill is an excellent way to burn belly fat while staying at home. Walking uphill a few times a week will help you lose weight more quickly and efficiently.

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6. Challenge Yourself

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout
Challenge Yourself

Adding more steps to your walk is one of the simplest ways to boost it. So, after a short rest, try and push yourself a bit further than before. Consider walking for 40 minutes instead of 30 minutes if you regularly walk for 30 minutes. Extend your stroll to 90 minutes if you periodically walk for 70 minutes. You can stay there once you have built up to a tough but manageable duration.

7. Add Some Weight

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout
Add Some Weight

Adding weights is one of the most effective hacks to turn your walk into a workout. Walking helps to build muscle in your calves, thighs, hamstrings, glutes, and core by stretching and strengthening them. A heavier activity will increase the amount of work done by those muscles while also involving new forces. It will also increase the efficiency of the upper body muscles. It is beneficial to carry little dumbbells, ankle weights, or even everyday household items. To be more specific, you may put weight in your pockets to help balance out the weight distribution on both sides.

8. Try Race Walking

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout
Try Race Walking

Race walking is an organized Olympic sport in which a person's ability to complete a predetermined distance is put to the test against other competitors. To avoid disqualification, unlike running, one foot must stay in contact with the ground at all times during the event. To create a straight-leg technique, stride length is generally decreased, and side-to-side hip rotation is pronounced to achieve a higher speed. Try this hack and turn your walk into a workout.

9. Try Brisk Walking

How to Turn Your Walk into a Workout
Try Brisk Walking

While the speed at which one walks varies depending on the individual and their fitness level. Brisk walking is generally defined as walking at a significantly faster pace than one's average walking pace. Brisk walking is also known as fast walking or fast jogging. When you walk at a rapid speed, your heart rate is raised, you burn more calories, and it may help you live a longer life. Try brisk walking and turn your walk into a workout.


To meet your goals, you can surely boost the intensity of your walk and change your plan. If you want to shed weight or tone specific muscle parts, you should add some more types of exercise to your routine. That does not mean you should stop walking. Instead, enhance your walking program by including intervals, routes with different elevations, and strength training. Follow the hacks to turn your walk into a workout and see the difference in your body.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can walking cause injuries?

A. Walking is a low-impact exercise. Therefore, it is not very dangerous. However, it is essential to walk in the correct posture. The wrong posture can increase the risk of injuries.

Q. Walking or running, which one should you do for weight loss?

A. Running is something that has a faster pace which promotes more rapid weight loss. Therefore, running is better in terms of losing weight.