We all have our opinions and choices. But there are few things that every woman on this planet thinks about in the same way, like the Reshape Nose. We all are unhappy with the way our noses look. Well, almost everyone! Only a very few lucky people are born with the perfect nose. We keep wishing if only I had a prettier nose! There is even a quote saying, the first step to self-love is accepting the way your nose looks. 

Now, how to get to improve or change your nose shape? The easiest but time-consuming way is doing nose exercise. Other than this, the most popular way to reshape your nose is with minor surgery. We know it as a nose job or rhinoplasty. 

But surgery is not an option for all of us, but we do wish to have a better-looking nose! In that case, practicing nose exercise is one way to go. But does nose exercise work? Let’s find out!

Reshape Nose 

There are several nose shapes out there – some are too pointy, some are with a turned-up nose tip, some have a small nose, and so on. People say the shape of your nose can reveal a lot about your personality. Hard to believe, but sometimes, this seems to be true!

Let us start with the basics of your nose. The outer portion of the nose consists of two nasal bones and lower lateral cartilage. The nasal bones are located in the upper portion of the nose and are supported by the nasal bones, known as the bridge. The lower lateral cartilage is what gives the triangular shape to your nose. 

The reason behind the Shape of Your Nose

The nose shape that we are born with is mostly due to the genetic disposition. But, did you know that the climatic conditions that you are born in and stay influence the shape of your nose, as well? Another interesting fact is that the shape of your nose may also change with age.

This is because part of our nose consists of cartilage that may degrade as we age. Don’t worry, try our nose exercises, and protect your nose shape from changing or change the nose shape for better. 

Nose Exercise 

Several nose shaping exercises can improve different parts of your nose like the bridge, the nose cartilage. Now, since the bridge is bony, it is a bit hard to change its shape but it is much easier to reshape the cartilage as it is pretty flexible. 

So, how to reshape nose cartilage at home?

Nose shaping exercises for a nose lift 

  1. Grab your nose bridge gently with two fingers.
  2. Place your other index finger over the nose tip and give it an upward push.
  3. Now, give the nose bridge a downward push as you grab it and pushing the nose tip upward with the other finger at the same time.
  4. Try not to move the upper lip too down as you practice this nose exercise.
  5. Do this nose exercise for 10 seconds in one set. Aim for three sets.

This nose exercise helps to uplift your nose or correct droopy nose shapes. 

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Nose shaping exercise for a slimmer nose 

  1. To begin with this nose exercise, firstly make the shape O with your mouth.
  2. Press one side of your nostril halfway with an index finger. Make sure that you can still pass air through that nostril.
  3. Do the same thing on the other side of your nostril with your other index finger.
  4. Simultaneously, roll your eyes up at the ceiling and breathe in and out, widening your nostrils, and press your index fingers against your nostrils. Keep your forehead in a relaxed manner throughout the process.
  5. Do this nose exercise for 10 seconds in one set. Aim for three sets.

This nose exercise will help your nose to get a slimmer nose shape and minimize the sagging of your nose shape. 

Nose shaping exercise for a sharper nose 

  1. Place the inner side of your index finger on the columella, which is the outer midsection separating your nostrils.
  2. Now, gently push your finger upward, lifting the midsection of your nose.
  3. Keep in mind, not to move your upper lip upwards or downwards during the exercise.
  4. Do this nose exercise for 10 seconds in one set. Aim for three sets.

This nose exercise will help to get a sharper and straighter nose. 

Simplest Nose exercise ever

  1. Grab your nose, and give a gentle squeeze to both sides as you move from top to bottom of the nose.
  2. Performing this nose massage will simply help to reshape any nose shape.
  3. You can do this nose shaping exercise as much as you want.
  4. In the case of new mothers as well, if you want your baby to have a beautiful, pointy nose, you can try the nasal massage on your baby. Just be gentle and don’t overdo it.

Nose exercise results

The thing about nose exercise results is that it will take a significant amount of time to show the outcome. So, instead of thinking when your nose shape will improve, continue practicing these exercises, and one day, you will start noticing the change.

Ditch nose exercise for makeup hacks

Makeup, if used correctly, has the power to bring a huge difference to our appearance, even if it is temporary. Contouring is our best friend when it comes to making our noses look pretty and attractive. 

Reshape Your Nose
Reshape Your Nose

Injecting fillers

Nowadays, many are giving fillers a try instead of going under the knife. Because fillers are completely noninvasive. They are cheaper than regular nose surgeries and less complicated. Injecting dermal fillers to reshape your nose can have long-lasting results up to 6 months.

Choosing to try nose exercise or any other nose improvement method is a personal choice. But always remember that we all are beautiful in our imperfect way. Truth to be told, no one is born perfect. 

Again, it is one’s preference as to how they want to look. But never try to undermine yourself and feel low just because you don’t have the perfect nose or perfect body.  On a different note, people with severe nose defects due to injury or genetics may need to undergo surgical treatment for restoration of nose shape. 

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