Trendy Nail Arts For The Summers Of 2020

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Nail Art
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Experimenting with thousands of nail art designs is quite a fun task for all the girls. When summer’s just at the door, it’s time for your nails to play in the sparkling sun. Of course, you want to give your hands a cool and refreshing look this summer. Going with red, orange, blue, neons, they all are going to rock on your hands. Choosing themes like watermelon, rainbow, sea and the sun itself is going to dazzle with your summer outfits. 

Let’s get to know about what’s going to look the best on your nails during the summers of 2020:

1. Fishy

If you have had enough of lines and rounds and all the geometry on your nails, it’s time to get fishy done. This nail art is by Jessica Washick that is inspired by fishes and will look totally cool for your next nail arts for summer evening at the beach. It’s a must try especially if you live in a coastal region. 

Nail Art

2. Lemony fresh

Yellow is totally a trending color this summer. Using a yellow base with little lemon figures on the ring finger will make your hands look extra cute and all ready for the summers. This nail art is so going to steal the show at your next pool party.

Nail Art

3. Tie and Dye Print

It’s time to replicate your nails with tie and dye print on your clothes. Tie and dye print looks beautiful on blouses, scarfs, and sarongs. Ask your nail artist to do it on your nails too, they will be super amazing and elegant. It is a must-try nail art this summer. 

Nail Art

4. Ombre

Mixing two bright colors in ombre style look totally exquisite and charming. This summer calls for an ombre nail art that is going to glam day and night. Mixing pink and orange, blue and green and any set of colors that you like. It is best suited for the one who just likes to go in colors and not in textures or prints.

Nail Art

5. Juicy fruits

Summers are all about mangoes, bananas, pineapple, and berries. Why have it only on your plate when you can even have them on your nails. Get fruity figures on your nails and give them a totally juicy look for the summers. 

Nail Art

6. Jelly Tips

We love having jelly and it is even more soothing to look at it. The new trend is the jelly tips on your nails. Using multicolored nails on fingers and giving them jelly tips is the nail artists’ new favorite art these days. It belongs to the breed of must-try this summer. 

Nail Art

7. Ice cream look

We love digging in ice cream during summers. In this upcoming warm weather, let your nails feel the chill with the latest ice cream nail art. The nail artist is not just giving an ice cream look but are also topping it with chocolate syrup. Yummy-Licious nail art to try.

Nail Art

Florals: Colorful flowers are just the right choice for heated up weather. Going for Hawaiian flowers on your nails is not such a bad pick. Going for floral beauty is an evergreen for summer nails

Nail Art

8. Cow Print

Cow print is something you can never go wrong. Such a soothing and beautiful print to have on your nails is cow print. Cows look lovely so why not try the same print on your nails. 

Nail Art

9. Rainbow

In this colorless dry summer, be the rainbow. Having your nails done in the VIBGYOR concept is totally rock this summer. It will give your nails a cool and colorful look. Let us accept we need more colors in our life so begin with our nails. 

Nail Art

10. Watermelon look

The Best thing about summers is watermelon. We all love to have juicy red watermelon, so why not have it on your nails. Getting the watermelon to look on your nails is so the trend this 2020. 

Nail Art

11. Beach Beauty

Beach trips are the best part of summers. Getting your nails done in the beach theme with all the shells and fishes and sand will give your nails such a lively look. It is a must-try for the summers.

Nail Art

So before making plans for summers, make sure your nails are done in just the right way. The weather is changing and so should your nail art. Choose what you really like from the list, they all are going to look great in rising temperatures. 

Do leave your comments to let us know which one you liked the most. We’d love to know!

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