How is your baby doing? Oh, is those hiccups in newborn disturbing your little ones? Well, there is nothing serious to worry about. But being a mother, it is obvious for you to be concerned about that tot of yours. We are here to make you aware of the reason why your baby is having such hiccups and the ways to get your baby relieved. 

Why Is Your Baby Having Hiccups?

Hiccups are not only a baby’s thing. They are common in every person regardless of age. You can see a baby of 1 year to an octogenarian having frequent hiccups. They are natural human phenomenons and have no specific category of attacking people. Hiccups are the result of the contraction in the diaphragm, which causes the vocal cords to close quickly. But you may wonder what causes your baby to have such contractions?

Some of the Common Reasons include

Swallowing lots of air while eating: you must have experienced this with yourself. Overfeeding your toddler: when your stomach puffs out too quickly, it can spark spasms since you may know that the diaphragm is physically close to the stomach. Gastroesophageal reflux: this can be seen in babies. A condition where your baby’s stomach content comes back to the up. There are certain other symptoms to confirm if your baby is suffering gastroesophageal reflux. Go through them properly and then consult with your pediatrician.

How Can You Save Your Child From Hiccups?

The reason may be anything, but know what, you can get off that hiccup from your kid’s throat. Yes, and for you to stay aware and knowledge here are some of the tips that you can apply to cut that crap off your baby.

1. Ask Your Baby To Take A Break And Burp

If your baby starts to have hiccups while feeding, then just take a break and let him burp. Burping will help extract out the excess gas that went inside while eating and this may be a cause for the hiccups. As per the American Academy of Pediatricians, you should burp your bottle-fed baby after he/she finishes 2-3 ounces of milk. Also, if your baby is breastfed, then you should burp them after switching breasts.

2. Rub Your Baby’s Back

I do this to my father as well!!! The moment your baby gets hiccups, gently rub his/her back. You should take care that you do not hit the back hard or do not slap with too much force. Your kid will get hurt if you do so.

3. Use A Pacifier

It is not always feeding that causes hiccups. Whenever your kid starts to get them, you can give them a pacifier that will help relax the diaphragm. Relaxing them will stop such hiccups.

4. Let Your Baby Be

Hiccups are a natural thing and they pause after a period. So if the hiccups are not bothering your kid severely, then you should let it go and they will stop on their own. In case they do not stop, which is a case of seldom, then you should approach your pediatrician. They may be a sign of some other serious ailment.

5. Check Your Baby’s Bottle

If your baby usually gets hiccups after feeding, then you should check the bottle properly. It happens that some designs of the bottle let air pass between water intake. This may lead your baby to consume air with water. And that may be the reason for such unpleasantness. If the bottle is the reason, then you should move on to some other bottle brands that do not let air intervene.


How To Prevent Hiccups?

If your baby is a frequent host of hiccups then you should take certain precautions to not let your kid suffer from such natural things. Go through the below-mentioned things The moment you feed your child, make sure that they are calm and tranquil. Make the rest. Saying this, what I wanted to say is, do not keep your baby hungry for a long time so that he/she starts to cry and become restless. Give your baby some time after you feed them. Do not play with them right after feeding. This will trigger hiccups. Make your baby stay in an upright position for 20-30 minutes after the feeding session.

It is good that you are here for your baby and being a well-wisher I would like to focus on the point that it is okay to have a baby under 12 months to have hiccups, but if after that or even at that stage, if your baby is having non-stop hiccups then just go to the pediatrician. I would like to wish you and your kid a happy, healthy, and safe life. To know more about motherhood and parenting, go through the link.

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