A set of clean white teeth is all we require to have a big beautiful smile on our face. It plays quite an important role to build a person’s personality. There is already a meme on the internet saying that a person might be losing one of his eyebrows which hardly comes to notice but the whole focus goes to his broken or uprooted tooth. By now you might have come to know that how important is our teeth in our lives. Many people neglect proper dental care and end up regretting when faced with any sort of problem or toothache.

Toothache is one of the worst things in the world. Plaque on teeth is the first step towards toothache or tooth decaying. Therefore, to prevent the worst ache, one should prevent plaque on teeth. There are various reasons what cause plaque, like not cleaning the teeth properly or regularly. But there are also various ways and steps on how to prevent plaque. 

Plaque on teeth is mainly caused by the foods which contain carbohydrates like milk, cakes, candies, etc. Carbohydrates that yield sugars and starches stick on the teeth resulting in plaque. It is sticky and slightly off-white in color. It also has a slight odor which is very nasty. The bacteria's which form plaque generally take their places at the neck of a tooth. It can also develop under the gums.

Plaque On Teeth
Plaque On Teeth

Tips To Prevent Plaque On Teeth

The following are the tips on how to prevent plaque:

1. Brush. Brush. Brush… 

One of the easiest and effective tips is to brush your teeth twice a day. Get yourself a soft brush or a medium soft brush of any brand and use it daily. Cleaning your teeth is one of the best ways to provide plaque or any other dental problems. 

Brush your teeth in a circular manner slowly and softly without hurting your gums. Choose a toothpaste that is tough on teeth especially those which contain fluoride in it like Colgate or Sensodyne. Doing this will help you prevent forming plaque in the first place. 

2. Rinse and gargle

Rinsing the mouth is the next best thing. Dentists generally prescribe to use oral mouth rinse on a regular basis. Some of the best mouth rinses are Listerine Cool Mint Mouth wash, Colgate Plax Fresh mint, Oraldine, etc. which are available at a reasonable price. 

These products have Chlorhexidine which puts an end to the bacteria's present in the mouth and definitely to the plaque on the teeth. It can also be used to freshen mouth breadth. In case if these products are not convenient for you, then there is always the best mouth rinse in the world. 

That is none other than saltwater. You can make it instantly right from your kitchen. Mix half a tablespoon of salt in lukewarm water. Voila.!! Your special mouth rinse is ready. 

Plaque On Teeth
Plaque On Teeth

3. Floss

There are lots of stuff we eat on our entire day. Some of these food particles stay behind our mouth and stick around the teeth. These particles are the main culprit that causes plaque. Then it further decays and attacks the enamel. 

Instead of repairing after the damage, we should always take precautions beforehand. To remove the left behind particles, use floss on a regular basis. Carry it wherever you go. Remove the particles after every meal you have. Until and unless you have clean teeth, there will be no bacteria to form plaque. 

4. Expert’s Advice

Visit an expert. In this case, it is a dentist who can give you the actual picture of the condition of your teeth. Plaque on teeth is pretty common and it is very hard to identify it in the inner part of the mouth especially those on premolars and molars. 

Dentists can identify the actual symptoms of plaque on teeth. Plaque on the first stage is curable and removable, but once it starts to attack the enamel, it becomes tough to remove it from the tooth and eventually destroys the whole tooth. Gather knowledge about sealant from your dentist, whether it is preferable for you to use. A sealant is mainly used on premolars and molars to prevent all sorts of dental problems. The plastic coating protects and prevents plaque on teeth. 

5. Home remedy

Ayurvedic or natural substances are always favorable to all people and to any sort of situation irrespective of the circumstances or conditions. Our grandparents were always dependent on herbs and the ingredients present in the kitchen. So, here is my grandma’s secret to dental care. Take half a teaspoon of salt, add few drops of mustard oil, take two to three leaves of tulsi and mash it. Mix all together and there you go. You have the medicine. 

Take this paste and brush your teeth thoroughly for at least one to two minutes. My grandma is not a dentist, nor am I, but I can assure you that, if you use this twice a week, you will really have clean, white, and healthy teeth. This paste can never be compared to any other branded toothpaste in the world. 

6. Diet

Another tip is to have a proper diet. A suitable and healthy diet can cure all problems of your life along with the problems of your teeth. Nutritious food is always better than fast food. Although the food from roadside stalls tastes better, it harms our lives in all forms of way. Once in a blue moon is a different matter but on a regular basis, always choose the healthy one. If you feel hungry or need a snack, grab a fruit or a healthy sandwich. Vegetables are always a “yes yes”. It neutralizes the plaque-causing acid. 

Excessive plaque

In case of excessive plaque, please visit a dentist as soon as possible. These above-mentioned tips will definitely help to get rid of plaque on teeth but it is preferable that you visit a doctor for proper dental care. 

These simple tips are really effective and give great results on preventing to form plaque on teeth. 

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