All the way back in the 90s, the French came up with the concept of striptease. But with time, it has gained popularity across the globe. Now you can even experience a striptease with just a phone call, it is that common. They are a way of creating a sexual and appealing environment with just the dance, music and body. You must have felt yourself to be a clumsy ass while trying to ‘sexily’ remove your knicks in front of your man. It’s okay, everyone has gone through such a situation.

Tips To Ace Striptease

Here are some tips to ace striptease:

  1. Enjoy yourself
  2. Practice
  3. Master the moves
  4. Do what is right for you
  5. Wear something with layers
  6. Does not matter if you look silly
  7. Be able to laugh at yourself
  8. Wear your confidence
  9. Set the mood
  10. Spice up

1. Enjoy Yourself During Striptease

You don’t have to please your partner if you don’t want to, and this is how it works. You will entice him only if you have the willingness to do so. If you really want to tempt him via striptease then enjoy every effort that you have put on. Don’t let it go basuda. Make memories and this is one of those. 

2. Practice

Practice makes everything perfect. If you are hankering to surprise him by stripteasing then make it go sexy AF. Practice in front of the mirror, you will gain confidence that you do look impetuous.

3. Master the moves of Striptease

Practice your moves to the extent that you can show you own your moves. 

4. Do what is right for you

You don’t have to do something that you are not comfortable with. If you feel that you will not look good if you twerk then that is perfectly fine in striptease, you can get involved with some other moves. If you think you can make it sexier with your eye over your shoulder then go for it. Ultimately, the whole pleasing thing is up to you and you know your man better than any other ‘me’.

5. Wear something with layers during striptease

Put on dresses that work as layers. That will last longer and in the meantime, he will definitely get aroused. When I say layers, please don’t dare go for jammies or your granny’s loose sweater. Your overall look matters. You need to get dressed up to exude sex, keep that in mind. You can wear your favorite lingerie with garters, long stockings, high heels, hair tied up, buttoned shirt and short skirt. This will work to the point. The slower you unbutton your shirt the more erotic the things will turn. Proceeding, ‘this up to you. 


6. Wear your confidence

This is a must, or else you will look like a fool. To increase your morale you can watch some strip dancers heating up the stage and practice for yourself. Be confident because it is your man for whom you are a queen, and no matter what, he will love your every effort. So feel at home and give your best.

7. Set the mood

Before starting you have to have the required mood. If you feel shy, things will not work the way you imagined. But it may go wrong. So in case you feel shy or lack energy, then go for an energy drink. A vodka shot will help you but make sure it is just 1 shot and not 10 shots. Having 10 shots will make you hallucinate and you will end up having a regretful sleep. Stay energized and leave back all your shyness for one night and you will feel amazing the other day. 

8. Spice up

Now is the time girl, spice up. Take him to your candy shop and show him how intoxicating you can turn. You can get some striptease steps here.

These are some of the tips to strip dance, and once you develop the talent to strip, you will add on another powerful tool as a weapon to seduce and turn on your man keeping him all time attracted towards you.