This Is How You Can Have Minimal Hangover

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Anindita Bhuyan
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Hei lovelies, have a party tomorrow? 

Then you will be needing the following information if you are going to have alcohol and then have a job/college the next day.

This is all about precautions that you should take to reduce hangover.

Before You Drink

There are a few things that you need to take care of before you start drinking.

Double Up On Multivitamins

When you consume alcohol and get drunk, you tend to lose energy. Since your strength starts to deplete it is recommended to consume a lot of B-Vitamin, that are well known to produce energy from the food that you intake. 

There is a misconception that the reason for a hangover is entirely related to dehydration, but you have many other factors that make you awful after drinking. Some of the factors include inflammation and oxidative stress. You can have some pomegranate or acai juice before you go out to dive into alcohol. This is going to help you retain energy for a longer period of time.

Let your tummy be full

I know this is so unnatural to hear, but when you have a night out for alcohol this is what you should do. Eat well before going out. This is because, when you consume alcohol on an empty stomach, the alcohol comes in direct contact with the intestines, which makes it easier to get absorbed in the bloodstream. Hence you should never ever consume alcohol on an empty stomach.

Hit the gym

Hitting the gym is a good way of releasing stress. You will stay energized and stronger if you are a gym person.

Choose your squad wisely

One of the dependent factors of a high hangover is influenced by the group of people that you are surrounded by. Those with whom you drink may lead you to drink more and ultimately feel like trash the other day. 

While You Drink

There are certain precautions that you need to take care while drinking too.

Go for organic wine

If you are a professional bartender then you may know the difference between European and U.S. wine. European wine is said to have fewer preservatives and pesticides than the U.S. wine. The presence of pesticides and preservatives in larger amounts will make you go through a longer hangover.  So you can get an organic, preservative-free, or lower alc wine (think 12.5 percent or less) that might help prevent hangover symptoms tomorrow.

Make your roadie a Gatorade

Yea this works. You may have heard of the practice of consuming water with alcohol so that you stay well hydrated. But replacing water with coconut water or any energy Gatorade will fetch you amazing results. They have the capacity to replace your fluids, electrolytes and the nutrients that you lose when you drink. Hence they balance your inner requirements.

Skip smoke

Consuming alcohol and holding a cigarette if even worse. When you smoke with alcohol, you are more likely to get drunk as well as stay high for a longer time. And you will have to endure the consequences the next morning.

Stick with clear liquor

Vodka and gin are said to have fewer impurities than dark ones, like whiskey and rum.

Choose juice over soda

You should mix juices with alcohol, instead of vodka with alcohol. Doing this will help you get a lesser alcoholic effect than adding soda.

Wash your hands well

Consuming alcohol changes the way your immune reacts to certain things. Hence it is very important to stay hygiene and safe at such moments because you never know if you come in contact with some flu when your body is in another mood.

Dance your ass off

Dance like any freak would. This is a way to delay your next alcohol shot. If you had a long hangover and want to know the reason for that, then check this, ‘why your hangover lasted longer’.

Before You Go To Sleep

Girls you need to take care of a few things before going to sleep if you are drunk.

Don’t overdo it on water

Do not consume a lot of water. This will cause havoc for you, as that would make you stay in the washroom for the whole night. 

Slap on a sleeping mask

Wear a sleeping mask to have a sweet slumber. You will be going late to bed and any slightest deviation (eg. sunlight)  may wake you up causing worse hallucination.

The Next Morning

You must be curious now for what to do next morning.

Avoid herbal teas

As per researchers, herbal tea makes your body less efficient to process alcohol. In proper words, it slows down the process.

Drink sprite

Drinking sprite will enhance your body’s alcoholic metabolism, which will decrease the amount of time your body is exposed to the harmful chemicals produced when your body digests alcohol. 

Have your fave breakfast plate

You should hit up your breakfast with foods that are good insulators of a hangover.

Buy Pedialyte

Pedialyte helps prevent or treat the loss of too much body water (dehydration). This will reduce your need to frequently go to the washroom and will facilitate getting to normal.

It is always better to prevent the worst hangover than going through the next-day consequences of such hangovers. 

Pay attention to the above things and you will sail smoothly.

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