6 Physical Activities Every Pregnant Woman Should Avoid

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things pregnant women should avoid
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Things pregnant women should avoid

If you’re pregnant, Congratulations!! This will be the most thrilling, delicate and of course, unforgettable journey of your  life. By delicate, we mean really delicate, so much that  you can never be “too careful” when it comes to pregnancy. Like you should be careful with even the smallest of things and especially physical activities. While exercises and light physical activities are beneficial for you, physical activities, when not done properly, can also be one of the greatest threats to healthy pregnancy and you should always be extra careful while doing them. However, just being careful isn’t enough for some activities and they need to be avoided totally. So mom-to-be, ready to rule out the risks from your pregnancy? Read on to find out what you should be careful of and things pregnant women should avoid.

Lifting Heavy Objects

Lifting heavy objects can put extra pressure on your back and pelvis. It can also cause leaking and lead to uterine prolapse( the uterus descends towards or into the vagina). If you are in an emergency and have to lift something, try holding it close to your body and lift it bending your knees. Not to mention, weight training are a strict NO! 

Hot Tubs 

things pregnant women should avoid

Yes we know, they’re so relaxing and you had thought everything relaxing was a welcome but alas! Hot tubs often cause hyperthermia, a condition in which the body’s temperature becomes abnormally high. Hyperthermia should be strictly avoided during pregnancy as a body temperature of 101ºF or higher can cause several birth complications during pregnancy. It has been linked to increased chances of Neural Tube Defects such as the malformation of the skull or the spine or heart and abdominal defects. You can continue with your normal baths but remember, the bath water temperature should always be near your body temperature. Also, if you are bathing in a tub, you need to make sure that the water is clean enough to prevent infections.

Running, Jogging or Cycling

things you can't do when pregnant

Running and jogging are not suggested unless you are already in a practice of them. If you weren’t accustomed to them before the pregnancy, we would suggest to not start a new routine as things are more difficult for beginners. Instead, you may have a good walk, it will have similar health benefits and will also involve lesser chances of an injury. 

Cycling as a whole is not recommended for pregnant women due to the risks associated with it. If you’re an experienced rider, you may continue but only until your second trimester. In the later stages of pregnancy, cycling becomes increasingly difficult due to the changes in the body structure which increases the risks of an injury.  

Water Sports

Well, not really a great time to go vacationing at the beach. While getting into the sea itself is dangerous as it hampers body balance increasing the chances of a fall and injury, scuba diving can pose a great risk to both you and your baby as when you surface over waters, air bubbles can form in your bloodstream. 

Note: Apart from avoiding surfing, scuba diving and water skiing, you should also refrain from downhill skiing and snowboarding as they can be extremely dangerous too. Although skiing as a whole is not suggested, if you really want to ski, you may do so on gentle slopes. 

Massages And Acupuncture

Surprised? Do not worry, they do have their equal share of benefits too and you needn’t avoid them totally, just be careful. Although you can start getting a massage at any point during your pregnancy, it is better to avoid it at the first trimester as miscarriages are most common during that period. Also, get your massage done only from a certified prenatal massage therapist. 

Acupunctures are very safe and effective. The ideal time to get them is from 36weeks to your due date. 

.. And Some Yoga Too

what not to do while pregnant

As much as it’s beneficial, it can be really harmful if not done properly. Also, you should avoid the yoga positions that require a lot of stretching, twisting and turning. Although the best option will be to attend a yoga class specifically for pregnant women, if you want to do it by yourself, always consult your doctor before opting for it. Some poses to be avoided are – Revolved side angle pose, full wheel, bow pose, forward fold and twisted chair. 

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