The Way Couples Hold Hands Reveals A Lot About Their Relationship

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Supriya Singh
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We, humans, are very social animals. As social beings, we are bound to interact with other people and prefer to live our lives among people we like. 

We all need a partner to lead our lives together in times of despair, happiness and other similar moments. Finding our partner who will be a match for us is a bit difficult. It is very unlikely for people to find partners with 100 percent compatibility. Some of us settle with partners with whom we have medium compatibility and the luckier ones have awesome compatibility. 

The nature of romantic relationships is of various kinds but we hardly know the nature of our relationship with our partner. There are several ways to find out the type of relationship that a particular couple has. One of them is the way that couples hold their hands. 

Holding hands is like the first thing couples do at the beginning of their relationship. Personally, I love the concept of couples holding hands. Holding hands feels personal and intimate on another level. 

There are many ways to hold hands and each way depicts a different meaning such as the connection between the partners, dynamics of the relationship and so on. 

1. Interlocked Fingers

If you and your partner love holding hands this way or tend to hold hands this way, it means you and your partner share a deep and intimate bond. It is also a depiction that both of you are deep in love and comfortable with each other. In a short and classic way, it means the relationship is the real deal.

Interlocked fingers are of two types – 

If the hands are facing forwards, it means there is no dominance in the relationship and the dynamics of the relationship are very balanced. 

If the arms are crossed with interlocked fingers, it means the couple supports each other and a depiction that they rely on each other under any situation. The best type of relationship according to me.

2. Down-faced 

If a couple usually holds hands these ways, it is to establish dominance in the relationship. The partner whose hand stays on top is the dominant one of the two in the relationship. 

Another meaning is the partner is protective of the relationship and the person. 

3. Finger grabbing

A couple who hold hands this way means they are in the trial stage of the relationship. It is more of a causal relationship where the partners are not sure about each other until now. In simple terms, the partners love to maintain their personal space and but are also looking forward to a meaningful relationship if it works out. 

4. One finger 

If couples hold hands by one finger it also means they have a casual and playful relationship. This way of holding hands is somewhat romantic for some. 

5. Simple brushes against fingers

  • Your partner gently grabs your fingers or brushes against your fingers when you are in public. It may mean that your partner wants to display some affection for you but is not comfortable with PDA.
  • It may also indicate that the relationship is nothing more than a friendship. 

6. Holding by the wrists

There are two interpretations of this type of hand-holding. In general, holding hands by the wrists sounds very dominating and unhealthy. It can be such a type of relationship. Or else, the partner grabbing the wrists is very passionate about the relationship. It all depends upon the individual and the intention behind the hand holding. 

7. Linked arms

Couples who hold by linking their arms are an age-old way of announcing a couple’s love and respect for one another. 

However, according to some, this gesture also means that the woman expects some support and help from the partner. 

8. No hand holding

This act also has two possible meanings. One is, one or both the partners are not comfortable with the idea of hand-holding in public or PDA. Another one is, one of them is losing interest in the relationship.

So, these were the few different types of hand-holding and their possible interpretations. Relationships are complicated and so is our lives. The act of holding hands is just as important as the other forms of affections such as kissing, hugging, etc. 

However, it totally depends upon the couple and choice and comfortable level of the partners. Some do not like to hold hands but are intimate with one another when not in public. The thing is holding hands is a warm and affectionate way to display one’s undying love and respect for one another. So, hold hands with your partner and enjoy a sweet connection. 

Take care♥