The Most Common Searches By A Women Over Google

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Isha Surabhi
An English majors graduate, former editor to two magazines, former Senior Content Writer to DU Times and a dedicated litterateur, for whom writing is the most aesthetic form of expression!

6 Things That You Will Surely Find In Almost Every Woman’s Search History! 

Ever thought what women search on Google??? 

Sadly, it’s not just about households, it’s much beyond that and hence patriarchal imagination! 

There has been an immense emphasis on bringing women to the world of Google. Not just for making them gain knowledge, but to make them hold themselves on an independent basis, it is necessary. To cope up with the fast hurling world around, it’s an imperative choice to be made for the feminine gender. So now that they are here finally, we have researched a lot on what they search the most according to facts and figures. And here is what we found out:

1)”How to burn my fat?? “

Of course, the most prominent question, women, and even men are searching an answer to these days is about weight loss techniques! These questions come up with sub-questions like- “what to eat on a keto diet?”, “How to look slimmer” etc. Not just that women are health-conscious alone, but in general, if we lay emphasis on current society; this is what everybody wants,’ a healthy body with the least time spent on health consciousness!’

2) Googling themselves!!!

The second most important thing in a women’s search history is that they have googled themselves at least once. It’s just about the fact that they have an urge to find what the search engine reveals when they place their name in the search box. And of course, it’s a helpful thing, as if there is any false data about you, you can easily report that up. So yeah, googling own self isn’t that bad an idea! 

3)“Will I be pregnant if I do this”???

This is something that search results seem to show on a recurring basis. Having stepped out in the society, women have not just come out in the work arena but also in relationships and other things. So, when one indulges in a PRE marital relationship or even a post-marital one, the internet acts as your best soul mate with all the correct advises. You no more need to uncover yourself in front of a judgemental society, rather you can google all your doubts! 

4)“Is my boyfriend loyal to me”?? 

This is a question you cannot ask many and not everyone can give you a perfect answer to the same. But having an option to search it on the internet, one at least feels liberated enough to find the possible answers. Here internet acts as your best friend again. So, no doubt it’s one of the most prominent questions searched by women on the internet. 

5)”How many pets should be kept”?

Now, this is something that is absolutely relative. And women’s obsession with pets, especially cats and dogs is not something new! But there are several stereotypes making rounds all around the internet about the number of cats and dogs you should keep. Hence, seeing such a search keyword is something that shouldn’t surprise you at all. 

6)“Ways to cut my own hair”

Every second women seem to search this when it’s about split ends. Of course one doesn’t want to spend 700 bucks in those fashionista parlors just for the sake of having their split ends removed. You can go there for styling or highlights but spending on this doesn’t seem worthy. So, this question is the most obvious one! 

According to data, the highest number of women surfing internet has been recorded to be from the middle-aged bevy! And the figures have gone so high that kit has surpassed the number of men on the internet by around 123%. Sounds surprising?? Yes it absolutely is!!! 

With that search result, about women’s search results, we now know how forthcoming this century’s women are. And it’s an amazing reason to cherish owing to the empowerment of women that this amounts to! 

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