The ‘Four More Shots’ Girls Are Ready To Rock Yet Again

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four more shots please
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Overview: Four More Shots Please! Season 1

Four More Shots Please! A pragmatic series that has touched the lives of every woman and the public in general. It is not just another women-centric show but takes the society to a broader vision about women.

It explicitly defines the modern-day odds and evens of society. Due to its heavy viewership, the makers decided to bring up the second season which is to air on April 17th on Amazon Prime itself.

Four more shots is more than an entertainment show for the drawing rooms of the Indian households. But also impels a woman to believe in the fact that men are not the cornerstones of their existence. 

What is it about?

Four more shots please is a package of series of ten episodes that revolves around four sassy and uniquely different women. Each of the four characters of Anjana Menon, Sidhi Patel, Damini Rizvi Roy, and Umang Singh have different lives and different challenges.

The four best friends are unapologetically flawed with their own share of thick and thins and yet gracefully empower each other. Anjana Menon is a successful lawyer and a divorced single mother who has to juggle between private and professional life.

In order to find a partner for herself and many struggles, she ends up in jail because of drinking and driving her sick doctor to the hospital. Damini Rizvi Roy is also a successful journalist who fights to maintain her position as the founder of her company.

On the other hand, she craves for a stable relationship and ends up losing her love relationship with Jeh. Sidhi Patel on the other end is a virgin and the daughter of rich parents.

Her mother Sneha, unlike her father, constantly pressures her to lose weight in order to find a guy for marriage and maintain the high-class status. The fourth woman is Umang Singh who is a bisexual from Ludhiana and unabashedly tries to establish the lesbian concept in the minds of a homophobic society.

She is deeply in love with her celebrity girlfriend but ends up in disappointments. 

What does the plot of four more shots please teach?

The four best friends in this series have their own set of challenges and you will be tied to each one of them and the issues they address.

While one has the struggle to find perfect love, the other is just trying to get social acceptance of her sexuality. It also portrays that being super successful does not mean you don’t have flaws in your private life or you don’t have breakdowns.

It also showcases a brutal truth about how parents use their children to maintain their bubble of status in society without paying much attention to their child’s feelings.

On one hand, it inspires you to fight against all the odds of the society and on the other, it teaches about how to deal with the inner storms.

While we talk about independent and successful women, we are also piling them with stupids norms of society.

Four more shots please allow you to feel everything and anything without residing in the boundaries of right and wrongs of the not so perfect society. 

four more shots please

Why watch Four More Shots Please?

It is a women-centric show that doesn’t make it only for women to watch. An open mind is a need of our society in general. Women are always seen as someone who should be perfect.

Perfect in weight, sexual preference and even having feelings, this needs to change. Women are humans too, they too need a space to live on their own terms.

They can be working professionals and be a mother at the same time. This series is an eye-opener for every gender. It inspires a woman to break the glass ceiling and go beyond the judgemental eyes of society.

The boldness of every character of this show is surely going to boost you up. The story has not portrayed women as naive and needy but someone who is capable of handling every challenge in life, professionally and personally. It teaches how to love oneself and not to see oneself from the lens of society. 

Four More Shots Please! Season 2

Amazon prime is about to welcome the Season 2 of this show which has received utmost love from the audience. The four best friends are going to encounter new challenges whilst loving each other more fiercely.

They will bring a new vision for society and will love themselves a little more. It is surely going to be a surprise package for all from the awesome foursome.

four more shot please season 2 image

Do mark your calendars for April 17 to watch the new season of Four More Shots Please!

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