The Fashion Girls’ Guide To Cover Revealing Necklines

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Revealing Necklines
Supriya Singh
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Believe it or not, every woman has an innate desire to wear a revealing neckline dress or top. The plunge revealing necklines look is very alluring. But the thing is, wearing a plunging neckline is more of a challenge. Plunging necklines are pretty revealing in the cleavage area. No matter how much we want to wear a top or a dress with a revealing neckline, most of the time, we hesitate to wear something that reveals our cleavage.

Even if we decide to wear a deep cut dress, the number of ogling eyes upon us will make us pretty uncomfortable. 

So, today I will help you out on how to cover revealing necklines easily so that you wear a revealing neckline comfortably. 

How to cover revealing necklines easily

1. Lingerie to cover revealing necklines

Nowadays, there are so many variations in the lingerie section

If you buy your lingerie wisely, you can easily cover a revealing neckline. You can go for high neck bralettes, strapless bra or bandeau bra to cover your revealing neckline and wear your wrap dress or top without any stress.

The material of the lingerie also matters a lot to give you the best coverage and make you look fabulous. Lacy lingerie looks best with a plunging neckline dress or top. 

Revealing Necklines

2. Camisole to cover revealing necklines

Camisoles are another brilliant way to wear your deep cut neckline dress or top. You can wear either a matching or contrast color camisole. 

hoe to cover Revealing Necklines

3. Add scarves to your wardrobe to cover your revealing necklines.

Wearing scarves with a revealing neckline is another fashion trend that never goes out of style. You can make a fashion statement wearing a scarf with a casual plunging neckline dress or top. It will be disastrous to wear scarves with a party wear dress or top.

The way you wrap your scarf to cover revealing necklines also matters a lot. So, to further on how to wrap a scarf, click here for some tips.

Revealing Necklines

4. Alter your clothing according to your comfort level

If you are not comfortable enough to wear a camisole or modified lingerie with a revealing neckline, then you sew your dress to minimize the deep cut neck. If it is a wrap style clothing, it will be easier to sew the neckline.

Other than just sewing, you can also add a piece of extra clothing that will go to your dress or top to cover your cleavage.

Adding a piece of clothing is much easier and can be done at home itself. 

Going to the tailor to alter your dress is a headache, honestly speaking. So, if you feel lazy, then you can sew it yourself.

tips to cover Revealing Necklines

5. Using body tape to cover revealing necklines

Wrap dresses are pretty, and we ladies love the boho vibes that style gives. Most wrap dresses come with revealing necklines. Body tape is the best and latest fashion hack for plunging or revealing necklines. Recently, our very own Priyanka Chopra Jonas flaunted a plunge neckline gown with the help of body tape.

Body tapes are double-sided tapes, and these easily get attached to the dress and your skin. 

Body tapes are the fashion hack that our favorite celebrities use when they wear a deep cut dress. 

So, if you want to try using body tapes, you can easily order one from the online stores.

hacks to cover revealing necklines

6. Flaunt your neckline with some shiny neckpieces

Cover your revealing neckline smartly with pretty jewelry. The necklaces that are trending everywhere are the layered necklaces. Layered necklaces go best with a plunging neckline.

Revealing Necklines

7. Wearing a T-shirt to cover revealing necklines

Add some funkiness to your fashion style by wearing a T-shirt or a top to cover your revealing neckline dress. This fashion style will give a retro look, which is the latest trend today.

Be it the entertainment industry, music industry or fashion industry, retro style is trending.

Revealing Necklines

Wearing a revealing neckline dress or top makes you look seductive and daring. However, it is also very important to choose your clothing style according to the location. It will be an embarrassment to wear something revealing if you go to a market or visit your family. In case you still want to wear a plunging neckline dress, then you must try the tips that I have shared and go out in a carefree manner.

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