The eco-beauty boom is an Instagram trend that has become very popular. Nowadays, whenever we think about investing in a product, we do our thorough research, make sure to check the ingredients on the label, and consume sustainability. However, things were not the same a few decades ago. 

Today, all women take out the time to read the labels and cover all necessary bases when they think of buying a product. In fact, most well-known cosmetic stores and brands try their best to educate their consumers on sustainability, waste management, and the products that go into their products. But, why should we care? Every woman needs to make sure that the products they are using do not harm if not any good, especially women of color. Read on to find out why and more about the eco-beauty boom!

What is the Eco-Beauty Boom?

Previously, cosmetics weren’t the most eco-friendly. They were created with ingredients that not only harmed the environment but also the person using it. Besides, they were not a sustainable solution and contributed to non-biodegradable waste. The eco-beauty boom is all about being sustainable. It encourages the use of cosmetic products that respect the environment. For instance, when you use synthetic and chemical products, they not only leave traces on your skin but also contaminate the environment. 

Recent studies have found out that ingredients that are typically present in sunscreens and sunblocks, damage coral reefs, and cause bleaching. When you use eco-beauty products, you avoid this damage. In addition, synthetic cosmetics contain sulfates and parabens which are harmful to the skin. These chemicals can cause a number of problems including, hormonal changes in the estrogen, fragile immune system, cancer, allergies, and so on. Preservatives like parabens have been associated with reduced fertility, PCOD symptoms, thyroid problems, and other reproductive issues. 

Eco-Beauty Boom
Eco-Beauty Boom

On the other hand, eco-cosmetics rely on organic and natural ingredients. Therefore, the next time you’re looking for skincare products, make sure you pick up an eco-beauty goodnight night cream instead of the regular one!

Why should women of color care about Eco-Beauty Boom

According to The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, women of color are unreasonably more susceptible to the exposure of toxic chemicals in the environment, workplace, community, etc., from the cosmetics they use. Market research has also suggested that women of color, and especially black women, are likely to spend twice as much on skincare and cosmetics compared to women in other demographics. 

In the market, there are more than 1200 brands that cater specifically to women of color. Unfortunately, fewer products made of eco-friendly and sustainable ingredients are available for this group. Since women of color buy more cosmetics than women in other demographics, they are the ones that should be made aware first. 

Clean beauty, otherwise known as the eco-beauty boom is here to stay. Brands have started to take responsibility for what they put in their products, and become more accountable concerning what they are selling. And, even though all cosmetic brands aren’t targeting women of color as their preferred demographic, many are. Thus, it’s time to actively double-check the kind of brands you support. 

Recommended Eco-Beauty Brands You Should Try

Now that you’ve learned the importance of the eco-beauty boom, here are five eco-beauty brands that you should try!

1. Forest Essentials

Forest Essentials runs by the motto, “If you can’t eat it, don’t use it.” This perfectly captures the eco-beauty boom. Their brand creates eco-friendly products that have the right balance between keeping the environment safe and keeping your skin nourished and healthy. 

Forest Essentials is an inclusive brand that caters to all genders, ages, and skin types across the spectrum. They are cruelty-free and use homegrown ingredients from local farmers. Their packaging is free of plastic as well. Make sure you check out the Kashmiri saffron and neem cleanser. 

2. Ilia 

Ilia is a natural USDA-certified brand that uses organic ingredients. They use sustainable and eco-friendly packaging and also run a successful recycling program. Ilia’s makeup products are effortless. If you are a beginner, they will be perfect for you. 

All of Ilia’s products are easy-to-use, have effective ingredients that blend naturally, and are enriched with nourishing vitamins. Their cosmetic line is made from scratch. This ensures that all their products are clean. You should definitely check out their multi-purpose travel-friendly sticks. 

3. Kosas

Kosas uses botanical formulas and claims to be 100 percent sustainable. It is botanically-based skin care and makeup line that only uses safe synthetics. As a brand, Kosas is on a mission to reinvent women’s beauty routines through intentional formulas. The brand was founded by a chemist who believed in clean and quality cosmetics. If you are high on a sustainable life, you will love Kosas. Make sure you check out their face oil foundation and dimensional cream blush duos. 

4. Khadi Naturals

Khadi Naturals is India’s first truly Indian and eco-friendly beauty line. This brand has stood the test of time, and we are in awe of it. They have an inclusive product line that ranges from daily soaps, shampoos, body lotions, shower gels, etc. Their products are free of sulfates and parables and also accessible to anyone who wants to make the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle. Make sure you check out the Khadi Naturals Aloe Vera and Neem Hair Cleanser for dandruff. 

5. Dr. Sheth’s

Dr. Sheth’s is a vegan and eco-friendly brand that is both dermatologically tested and formulated. The most unique thing about this brand’s marketing is that it is specially created for women of color and their skin types. This brand is one step closer to a vegan alternative for your regular skincare. Check out their BHA Spot Clarifying serum if you have acne-prone skin. 

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