From Shah rukh khan to Preity Zinta and many other stars, they acquire another fandom for their adorable and much-wanted dimples. That is one of the things apart from their talent, that everyone appraises and is a fan of! Technically speaking, these dimples are nothing but a genetic defect. Yes, you read that right! DEFECT!  Probably the only defect that people wish and admire to have on their cheeks. Dimples are in simple language, small folds or you may say, indentations in the fleshy part of the cheek. They are said to be a result of a minor muscle deformity or defect which causes the skin (of the cheek) to draw tightly as it moves and hence creates eternal divots. It is usually a genetically inherited trait.

Similarly, another type of dimples that are secretly desired are the dimples on the back, called the dimples of venus which is named after the Roman Goddess of Beauty. These are seen to be an indication of good health and a way to have a good sex life. The dimple of venus or butt dimples are longitudinally symmetrical indentations that are at times visible on the lower back of a human (just superior to the gluteal cleft. In medical language, they can be directly superficial to the two sacroiliac joints that are the site where the sacrum attaches to the ilium of the pelvis.

Ways to Get Dimples Naturally

The facial features that people adore are genetic defects and inherited traits from their parents. However, people born without natural dimples can successfully mimic their appearance through a variety of methods from simple to drastic. Let’s expose you to the natural ways of getting dimples. Starting with the dimples on cheeks and followed by back dimples:

1. Pucker Your Lips and Suck in Your Cheeks

To start with this exercise, firstly for exercising your cheek muscles, make a face that you do when you have something very sour, like a lemon. Your lips should be in a position like that of a pout, including the cheeks should be sucked in. Also, your teeth mustn’t be clenched as that could prevent your cheeks from sucking in. Your lips need to be shut. As your cheeks are naturally indented inward, the deepest part of the indentation will be resting between your top and bottom teeth. While the method doesn’t have any factual evidence that it claims, it’s a folk remedy.

2. Press and Hold 

Locate the areas on your cheeks where the indentations are the deepest in according to you. Now, gently hold onto the indents on both cheeks using your index fingers. Keep your fingers fixed on these spots while you prepare to move your mouth. Instead of a finger, you can also resort to holding the same with your thumb or even the end of a pencil if that makes it easier for you to hold on.

3. Smile and Reposition Fingers

Gradually try easing your expression into a grin, keeping your fingers fixed to the same spots of your face. Your fingers should be positioned near the corners of your smile, where dimples would naturally occur if they were to be there. For back dimples, There is no legit way to get the same and all you can do is try for it by attempting some of the ways that are claimed to be effective in having the dimple of the venus. Some of them are:


4. Losing Weight

To get a lean physique that showcases the back dimples, you could aim for an athletic level of body fat. The main reason for having the same is an indication of good health, so basically by exercising and losing weight and fat, you are getting to it! While you don’t have to be super slim to have back dimples visible, the dimples occur at a point where there is less presence of muscle tissue between your skin and underlying bone

5. Create Muscle Definition

Choose to strengthen your lower back as defining the muscles of the lower back can help the whole area look more structured and bring out features like back dimples. To do this you can try out various exercises that focus on the lower back region, for example trying the superman exercise and doing deadlifts to strengthen your back. While you can try out all the above-mentioned exercises and hacks to get the desired dimples, it’s also okay to be the way you are and embrace the beauty you’ve inherently been ascribed. 

Your smile still is beautiful, with or without dimples!