Ever saw Japanese movies in which superheroes heal victims with their concentration?? Ever thought concentrating energy at one place can even heal a wound?? Sound bizarre eh? Well, it is! But what if you are told something as such exists in reality and is not just a mere hoax but is scientifically proven too. Would you believe your ears? Truly, it does! & it’s called Art of Reiki. 


Reiki generally refers to a process of healing through energy flow which was found as an alternative method to medicinal treatment. Commonly, it is called ‘Energy Healing’. It was discovered back then in 1800 in Japan. The phenomenon Reiki involves is inclusive of transfer of universal energy from the concentrated region of the practitioner, which is majorly hands, to the patient’s body. Reckoning its presence and age, we found energy flow healing and has been something really prevalent in ancient India. For centuries, we have been going on with such kinds of Vedic practices. According to practitioners, it forms a connection with the energy field surrounding our body and hence produces the healing effect. 

Reiki has been home to a zillion controversial talks as proving its healing effects through scientific means is something that requires time and patience. However, people who have been at the receiving end of such a treatment are of the view that it works really well. That is the reason why Reiki has become one of the most renowned arts of healing. At present, it has a search base of around 68,900,000 search results. A recent survey reveals that, in India, more than a million people tried Reiki and have benefitted from its healing effects. More than 50 hospitals are suggestive of Reiki to their patients for better and faster healing. 

Now, let’s understand the term Reiki further. It is made up of two words- one is “Rei” which means universal, and the other is “ki” which means life energy. So basically, Reiki altogether means universal life energy! In such a way, reiki help in healing targets from all the energy fields enveloping your body and concentrates them all together in one place to produce effective healing effects. As doctors and medical practitioners say-” Energy can cause a coagulated lump in your body if your mind or body has ever suffered an emotional trauma or a physical wound. In such cases, this coagulation can cause long-term health issues that can affect your body gravely. And here comes the use of Reiki, as it acts as a medicine to such lumps and helps clear them off. Also, it speeds up the medicinal healing and concentrates all the positive energy flow towards you. 


It can be performed to its best level in a quiet environment. But if the condition is such that you do not get one, you can still perform it. Now let the patient lie down on a table or let him sit somewhere, with all the clothes on. Music is optional, it can be added to assist the  process if the patient likes it. Now, the Reiki practitioner will have his hands placed on vivid parts of your body like head, torso, etc. and will make different shapes from his hands. These positions will be held on for next 3-5 minutes. It is not necessary that he will place his hands only at one or five places as there are more than 20 such points where they can place their hands. 

In case of injuries like a burn or allergic issues, the hands can be placed just above the wound. While the healer’s hands are placed just above the affected region, the energy flow transfer takes place. As this happens, the healer’s hands may get shivery or a little heated. Each positioning of hand is kept for as long as the healer feels energy has not flown in completely. As soon as it gets fully done, the healer removes his hands and may place it over a different part of your body. 

Some Famous Reiki Techniques

  • Beaming
  • Centering technique
  • Infusion
  • Aura raking
  • Clearing off technique
  • Extracting negative energies

Each session can last for around 25-90 minutes. The number of sessions is not absolute and varies according to the patient’s preference. 


Owing to the popular belief of practitioners, Reiki is something that is accomplished by channelization of universal energy, famously called “chi”. In India, we call it as “prana”. It is an energy that has kept us all alive is what believers generally say. This energy is something that keeps all our organs functioning well. It is altogether a collective way of spiritual well-being. It helps in relaxing one’s mind and body and establishes a connection with the soul, therefore, catalyzing the process of healing. 


The diseases which have been treated yet with Reiki effects include-

  • Cancer
  • Depression
  • Anxiety issues
  • Overthinking
  • Heartache or issues
  • Vigorous pain
  • Infertility
  • Autistic issues
  • Neuro degeneration

According to the patients, Reiki provides them “miraculous relaxation”. Some claim their “headache has vanished completely just in a jiffy.” It has proven immensely satiety giving art for all its patients. With a list of aforementioned long-term diseases, one can easily understand the effect Reiki technique can produce on its ailing patients. Conclusively, Reiki is not just a way of healing but a way of spiritual well-being. It makes the patient have a lasting healing effect and acts as a catalyst to the limited allopathic medication for the assistance of the healing process. 

Stay tuned for more such miraculous tricks and techniques! 

Stay healthy, stay happy! 💛💚