The 15 Best Money Making Apps

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money making apps
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Money making is something everyone wants to do, it is a lucrative activity. There are many ways of making money in the present world. Advancement in technology has not only upgraded our lives and lifestyles but has also introduced a range of applications. Applications which can be used in regular day to day life and some which lets us earn money. Some money making apps include:


money making apps

Through this application, a person can purchase from various retailers listed in it and earn lucrative cashback offers and coupons. One distinctive feature of the application is that it compares different coupons, which ensures that the user gets the best deal available. The cashback payments on Ebates are done every three months.


money making apps

This photography app is an ideal money-making tool for photographers and videographers. The application lets the user upload their photos and videos for the world to see. 

Once the photos are purchased and booked by any agency, the photographer gets paid. One distinctive characteristic of the app is that a photographer can sell one photo twice here. This is surely an additional benefit!

Google Opinion Rewards:

money making apps

This is a survey-based application where users are paid for taking surveys. It is an application where the user can take part in small surveys and give their opinion. The surveys available are related to different fields including movies, TV shows, product research and many more.


money making apps

This is another survey-based money-making application. A less savvy app, it lets the user take part in surveys or ‘missions’ after providing information. The missions listed in the app may include conducting product research or visiting a store. iPoll doesn’t really give cash to the users after a survey, it sends out coupons, gift cards and similar rewards for a successful survey.


money making apps

Do you count the number of times you swipe your phone in a day? Well, with Slidejoy in your phone, you’ll sure count. Slidejoy is an advertisement based application and it pays for every swipe on the phone. The user needs to sign up on the application and it will start featuring advertisements on the lock screen. For each swipe to the advertisement, Slidejoy gives ‘Carat’ which is then credited to the account of the person. one distinctive feature of this application is that it lets the user contribute the earnings to his/her favorite charity too!


money making apps

Ever thought that running or walking can earn you money? It does, with Sweatcoin. This app pays for every step a person takes.  Just install the Sweatcoin app, keep it running in the background and start moving. Sweatcoin pays 0.95 for a count of 1000 steps. The money can be redeemed after a considerable amount is accumulated.


money making apps

This is an app where the spare change is invested and accumulated to be withdrawn later. It is like a piggy bank where change and small money are stored until a huge amount is accumulated and later taken out. It is a feasible and efficient way of money-making and saving too!

5 miles:

money making apps

This is a marketplace where a person can sell anything. The user just needs to create an account and upload information and photos of the item he/she desires to sell. Once it is bought, the person earns money by selling the item which is no longer in use. One distinctive characteristic of this app is that the person can decide any price for a product that is listed.


This vehicle renting application facilities easy money on the go! All one needs is a driving license, residence proof, a car and free time. 

Uber conducts a background check of the drivers to get the best of the people on board. The best part of the Uber app is that one can pick the desired working hours as per convenience!


This house rental service application lets a person get an unused home to rent and earn money. The person only needs to manage guest reservations and keep the facility clean and ready for visitors. This is a convenient way of using an unused space and making money easily.


This is a money-making application meant especially for the bookworms. Book lovers can sell the books they have already read and earn money from them. Be it textbooks, novels, hardback or of any subject, the books can be easily sold at this app and money be earned!

DV Closet:

This application is suitable for fashion bloggers and fashion influencers as they can guide people to create new attractive outfits and earn money. A virtual styling and designing session can earn up to 22 dollars at one go! More the money earned, more is the profile growth, which lead to more earnings.

Fluid Truck Share:

If you have an unused truck or SUV, you can rent it out at Fluid Truck Share application and earn money. A successful usage of this app can earn you up to $22k a year which is a whopping sum of money!

money making apps

App Trailers:

An application that scores you money to watch other applications! With App trailers, one can earn money by watching promotional trailer videos of other applications. 

These videos of 30 seconds or less show the functions and benefits of an app and the person viewing it earns gift cards and money.


This application is apt for dog lovers. One can download the Wag application and earn money by registering as a dog walker. Dog lovers can track every step of their dog with this app while leaving their dog with Wag dog walker!  

A common man spends an average of four hours on the phone each day- a maximum time of which are spent in fiddling with different apps. Investing a part of the average four hour on the above-mentioned apps will surely earn a considerable amount of money at the end of the month. So, start cashing in now!!

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