Whenever we think of cocktails, we think of delicious fruits, juices, and punches, associated with various colors. The best thing about cocktails is, they don’t just taste out of this world amazing but also look heavenly. Some people go to parties just to stroll around the cocktail counter and check out the different types of cocktails while being spoilt for choice. When it comes to stunning-looking cocktails, the Tartini cocktail comes to our minds. Remember when Carrie from ‘Sex and the City’ had embraced herself and her singlehood after she was shamed and criticized on a magazine cover in season 2, episode 4? 

Yes, you got that right. It was her first night out with Stanford and there couldn’t be a better drink to be featured than our beauty right here, the Tartini cocktail. The recipe of this darling is going to be revealed here and it’s a must-try, given the simple and easily available ingredients and its quick prepping time. Are you excited? Well, so are we!  

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The Tartini cocktail recipe as we know it today is a version of one that was invented in the 1900s in a New York hotel, named Soho Grand Hotel.

Tartini cocktail ingredients

  • Chambord (2 shots)
  • Cranberry Juice (2 shots)
  • Lime Juice (3 shots)
  • Raspberry Vodka (1shot)


  • Add 1 shot of raspberry vodka, 2 shots of Chambord, 2 shots of cranberry juice, and 3 shots of lime juice in an ice-filled cocktail shaker and shake it vigorously.
  • Strain and pour the mixture in a glass containing scattered raspberries.
  • Add raspberries for garnishing and that’s it!
Tartini Cocktail
Tartini Cocktail


Chambord, which has 16.5% of alcohol, is a liquor that’s made using Moroccan citrus peel, honey, blueberries, raspberries, cognac, and Madagascar vanilla. The drink was produced in the 17th century in the Loire Valley, located in France, and it was popularised by the Chambord brand, much later. The Chambord is added in several cocktails such as the French Martini, Raspberry Margarita, French Manhattan, etc. and it is heard that Louis XIV was introduced to it during a trip to Château de Chambord. 

The taste of Chambord is sweet but is quite intense, given its prolonged making process. The entire process consists of soaking the berries in french spirits in two rounds, one after the other. In the first round, the fruits are soaked in spirit solutions for weeks before they’re strained for the second round of soaking. The juices are then extracted and mixed with the other ingredients and spices. The liquor is then ready to be consumed along with cocktails and savored. 

Raspberry Vodka

A yummy drink in itself, this is yet another addition that is made to the Tartini cocktail, along with Chambord. It is made by adding raspberry extracts, vanilla, and castor sugar to vodka and storing it for a few weeks. It is known to add an extra edge to cocktails and the Tartini cocktail is no different. The beautiful color and the aroma of raspberries go long way in making it one of a kind. 

8 Cocktails that are Incomplete Without Raspberry Vodka 

Checkout the some 8 cocktails that are incomplete without raspberry Vodka:

1. Raspberry Vodka Mule

It is made of ginger berry, lime juice, and raspberry vodka. The raspberries are put in a glass and lemon juice is added to it. A single shot of vodka is poured into the glass before filling the glass with ginger beer.

2. Swedish Polar Bear Cocktail

Lime juice, sprite, and blue curacao make up this cocktail along with raspberry vodka. The vodka and blue curacao are melded in a glass and sprite is added to the mixture, along with lime juice and some ice cubes for this blue delight to be ready.

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3. Peach Martini

30 ml of peach nectar, 30 ml of peach schnapps, 10ml of cranberry juice, and 60 ml of raspberry vodka is combined in a cocktail shaker and served with crushed ice.  

4. The Scarlet Kiss

Chambord (1.5 ounces), raspberry vodka (1.5 ounces), strawberry vodka (1.5 ounces and lime soda (1 ounce) are added to a shaker and shaken well, and served with crushed ice and strawberries. 

5. Ice Bomb

The ingredients include 2 ounces of vodka, 1-2 ounces of sprite soda, 2 ounces of orange vodka, and 2 ounces of blue raspberry vodka. More sprite soda can also be added after the straining. 

6. Raspberry Lime Rickey

This particular drink can be relished even by those who do not prefer alcohol, in the form of a mocktail. The raspberry flavor is intense in this cocktail due to the addition of both raspberry syrup and raspberry vodka in it, 2 ounces and 3 ounces, respectively. The vodka is added after the syrup is poured into a glass full of ice. 1-2 cups of sparkling water are added after that. The syrup can be freshly made as well using raspberries, sugar, and lemon juice. 

7. Bloody Berry

Raspberries, blood oranges, and raspberry vodka make up the perfect, red as blood cocktail! The blood oranges are squeezed and their juice is extracted. Raspberries, crushed ice, and oranges are mixed with the help of a blender. In case, the raspberries are frozen, the ice isn’t required. The mixture is then strained to get a smooth consistency. Raspberries and peels of oranges are used for garnishing. 

8. The Shooting Star

Strawberries and star fruits make a great assortment for this summer cocktail and give off a beachy vibe when you look at it. The fruits are blended in and made into juice. Half an ounce of lime juice is squeezed in. 

Next, 2 ounces of the prepared juice is mixed with 1 ounce of raspberry vodka and your shooting star is ready to fulfill your weekend relaxation goals. We have talked about the popular Tartini cocktail ingredients, its recipe, and we have also mentioned 8 other raspberry vodka cocktails for you to try out on your own. Cocktails are our absolute favorite and so are yours, aren’t they? Well then, sip on these thrills and rejoice! 

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