Stress Relieving Ayurvedic Essentials

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Anindita Bhuyan
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Ayurveda is considered to be the ‘sister science’ of yoga and teaches use to synchronize our minds and bodies to reach an optimal health level. It is a Sanskrit word that means the wisdom of life. It covers a huge arena of topics. One such field in which Ayurveda deals is stress management. The ayurvedic scriptures mention some of the essentials that every human being on this earth can practice to have a balanced level of stress. 

If you are stressed enough that you feel you need some space then you need to follow some of the basic ayurvedic habits to reduce your stress. You don’t have to worry just have faith in Ayurveda. 

Seven Ayurveda habits to reduce stress:

1. Go out for a walk


Take out a minimum of 20 minutes from your everyday routine and go out for a walk in the fresh air. You can go out early in the morning or evening sunset. Walking in the fresh space is healing all in itself, whereas it has also been clinically proven that walking reduces the stress levels in any human being. Go out for a walk at the same time every day because it is essential to maintain consistency to achieve effective and long-lasting results.

2. Sit quietly and check-in with yourself


After getting out of bed in the morning, the first thing that you should do is not to check your social media but to leave your phone aside and sit quietly for 5 minutes and talk to yourself, organize your mind, your emotions, plan the day. The main purpose of doing this is, your every experience is completely dependent on how you feel about things, they will get shaped as per your own emotions, feelings, and thoughts. So it is always very important to stay positive and organized. 

Even in the most disheveled or chaotic day of yours, you should practice this. It will comfort you from inside and will give you enough strength to tackle any situation. Continue this practice every day at the same time to get faster results. You can also practice this technique before going to sleep. Speak to your mind and your day will go that way.

3. Inhale deeply


In college, on roads, at home, everywhere we are prone to situations that can elevate our stress level. To give a better reaction to all such situations, just stop yourself, take a step back from the moment and take ten deep breaths into the lower belly. So, the next time you experience any situation like this, try doing this and see how the situation changes.

4. Look for the organization in your surrounding

If you are being stressed most frequently then most probably your surrounding reflects such stressful situations. If you stay in a clean, hygienic, beautiful space then you are most likely to have less stress than any other unhygienic surroundings. 

5. Find organization in your daily routine

Having a consistency of daily routine is very necessary to direct your hormones, digestive system, emotions, and energy. This is also a must to improve your overall lifestyle. To start with, make a routine that you will be following each and every day. This will develop a sense of discipline. 

6. Take a warm bath before going to bed


From a week pick up two days when you will be taking a hot tub bath before heading to bed. This is a nourishing treatment that will keep you fresh for a long time. Applying and squinting refreshing and healing oil would be complementary in such practices. You will find this rejuvenating. To get a good idea about all the healing oils that you can get, go through this link here.

7. Massage warm oil all over your feet, forehead, and scalp 


Before going to bed, all you need to do is heat some oil and massage it all over your forehead to neck, feet. This will lower the day-long stress that has accumulated so far and will let you have a sound sleep.

These are some of the essential ayurvedic habits that you can adopt to lower your stress. So the next time you feel you are overflowing with stress and about to burst, do try to pay concern towards the above-mentioned habits. These will definitely help you a lot.

To know more about ayurvedic therapies go through this link.

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